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100% Organic Cotton 6 Layers Baby Saliva Towel

100% Organic Cotton 6 Layers Baby Saliva Towel

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• This product is a 100% Organic Cotton 6 Layers Baby Saliva Towel.
• Ideal for babies and newborns, also suitable as a face towel, pinafore, or square towel.
• Made with organic cotton gauze for utmost comfort and softness.

• Materials: Made with 100% organic cotton.
• Layers: Consists of 6 layers to ensure superior absorbance.

• This towel is versatile. Apart from being used as a saliva towel for babies, it can also serve as a square towel, face towel, or pinafore.
• The towel is designed using high-quality organic cotton, ensuring your baby's comfort.
• The gauze material used is not only naturally soft but long-lasting.
• With six layers of fabric, this towel guarantees excellent absorption.
• Suitable for both newborns and babies.

• Durable and long-lasting due to high-quality organic cotton.
• With superior absorbance provided by the six layers, spills and drools are efficiently managed.
• Multifunctional; can be used as a baby saliva towel, face towel, or a pinafore.
• Soft and gentle on the baby's skin, ensuring no irritation.
• A perfect choice for environmentally-conscious parents as it is 100% organic.

Please ensure to wash the towel separately before the first use to remove any possible residue from the production process. Always monitor the baby while using the towel to prevent any potential choking or suffocations hazards. Avoid using any harsh detergents or bleach which can weaken the towel's fabric and be harmful to the baby's sensitive skin.

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Customer Reviews

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Softness like No Other

I purchased these towels as a face towel for my sensitive-skinned infant, and it's been wonderful. The softness is unmatched, and I appreciate that it?s an organic product. It's become my go-to baby shower gift!

Solid Performance but Prefers Brighter Colors

The towel's performance is solid - absorbs well, and the softness is there. I just wish they came in a wider array of colors to choose from.

A Must-Have for New Moms!

I absolutely adore these organic cotton saliva towels! The 6 layers really catch all the drool my teething baby can muster. They're super soft even after multiple washes, and I feel good knowing they're made from organic materials. I've been using them as a pinafore during meals, too ??so versatile!

Multipurpose Towel Excellence

We've repurposed these towels for everything! Face towel, drool catcher, and emergency changing pad. Six layers give it a good heft, and the size is just right for our on-the-go family. Plus, it's organic, which is a big win in our book.

Subpar Color Fastness

I appreciate the organic material and absorbancy, but my kid's shirt got tinged when the towel's color bled during a drool-heavy day. Be careful with that. Other than that, it?s a decent towel but nothing too exceptional.