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3in1 OTG Adapter 10Gbps Converter

3in1 OTG Adapter 10Gbps Converter

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- The 3in1 OTG Adapter 10Gbps Converter is a versatile device that allows for seamless data transfer and device connection.
- It features Micro USB, Type C, and 8-Pin Male to USB 3.0 Female OTG Adapter compatibility, making it suitable for a wide range of devices including iPhone 13, 12 Max, iPad, and U Disk.

- Dimensions: Not specified
- Weight: Not specified
- Materials: Not specified
- Connection Types: Micro USB, Type C, 8-Pin Male to USB 3.0 Female
- Maximum Speed: 10Gbps
- Maximum Power Output: 5V 350ma
- Compatibility: WINDOWS, MAC, LOS, ANDROID

- The 3in1 OTG Adapter 10Gbps Converter is equipped with three micro, type-c, and lightning OTG outputs.
- It supports the TYPE-C USB3.1 GEN2 OTG function, ensuring fast data transfer with a maximum speed of 10Gbps.
- The adapter's 3 ports can switch OTG function at will, supporting various storage devices, keyboards, and mice.
- The Apple OTG function outputs a current with a maximum power of 5V 350ma.

- Offers a one-for-all solution for connecting and transferring data between various devices.
- High-speed data transfer of up to 10Gbps ensures quick and efficient operations.
- The ability to switch OTG function across 3 ports provides flexibility and convenience.
- Compatibility with WINDOWS, MAC, LOS, ANDROID expands its usability across multiple platforms.

- Please ensure your device is compatible with the OTG function before use. Not all devices may support this feature.
- Avoid overloading the adapter with multiple high-power devices simultaneously to prevent overheating or potential damage.
- Always safely eject your storage devices to prevent data loss or corruption.

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Customer Reviews

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An Engineer?s Perspective

From an engineering standpoint, this adapter is well-thought-out. Quick data transfer is essential in my field, and it handles large files with ease. I appreciate its compatibility with multiple OS platforms too.

Be Careful with Device Compatibility

The adapter works fine with my devices, and I'm impressed with its speed. However, my friend's older android didn't support OTG, so be sure to check compatibility before buying. Can't fault the product for it, but it's worth mentioning.

Small and Mighty Adapter!

Love this little gadget! The flexibility to use Micro USB, Type C or Lightning without carrying additional adapters is great. Works like a charm with a variety of devices, and the data transfer speed is top-notch.

Decent but watch for overheating

The 3in1 Adapter gets the job done with impressive transfer speeds. However, I did experience some overheating when using multiple high-power devices. Ensure you're not overloading it as per the instructions, and you should be fine.

Game-Changer for My Work Setup

I work from home and often switch between different devices. This adapter has made my desk much tidier and my work much easier. Fast, reliable, and user-friendly. Highly recommend it to anyone in a multi-device environment!