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4-in-1 Cat Toys

4-in-1 Cat Toys

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• A versatile 4-in-1 cat toy featuring a feather toy, automatic laser pointer, rotating ball, and negative ion purifier in a compact design.
• Offers 4 interactive modes and automatic shutdown after 30 minutes for transitional stimulation.
• Comes with USB charging feature and a durable, non-slip base for added stability.
• Incorporates a built-in negative ion purifier that reduces airborne dust and particles around the toy to alleviate respiratory issues in cats.

• Dimensions: 9.8*10*14CM
• Material: ABS material
• Charging type: USB
• Battery: Built-in 1200mA rechargeable lithium battery
• Accessories: Instruction manual, 1 bell belt, 1 USB cable, 1 telescopic pole, 4 support base brackets

• The toy is designed with adjustable height and various teasing tools to engage cats of all sizes.
• The cat toy automatically turns off after 30 minutes of operation to avoid overexertion and maintain novelty.
• The built-in negative ion generator functions quietly without disrupting the cat's play.
• The USB charging cable allows for convenient charging, reducing the need for battery replacement.
• It is made from robust ABS material for increased durability and longevity.

• The variety of cat toys stimulates, entertains, and trains the cats for hunting, biting, scratching, and running.
• Interactive modes provide diversity and challenge while reducing cat's transitional fatigue.
• The adjustable features can suit cats of different sizes, enhancing interaction and curiosity.
• The Negative Ion Purifier helps to create a cleaner environment for the cats, potentially reducing respiratory issues.
• The sturdy design and non-slip base reduces the risk of the toy flipping over, maintaining a safer play environment.

NOTE: Toy pieces such as ribbons, bells, and feathers are small and could pose a choking hazard. Always supervise your cats during play and inspect the toy for wear and damage regularly to prevent potential choking incidents. The laser can be harmful to eyes if used improperly - avoid direct contact with eyes.

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Customer Reviews

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Engaging Toy with a Tech Twist

Really impressed with how engaging this toy is! USB charging means easy to power up, and I've noticed the air seems fresher with the ion purifier running. My one issue is that sometimes the feather toy gets a bit tangled, but otherwise, it's fantastic!

Innovative Cat Toy Worth the Investment

This toy is a real game-changer - multiple play modes mean my curious cat never gets bored. The adjustable height is perfect for engaging cats of different sizes, and the ion purifier is an innovative feature. I love the peace of mind from the auto shut-off as well.

High-Tech Toy For Active Cats

My cat is very active and this toy has been great for keeping him entertained. The multiple toys rolled into one keep him from getting bored. I charge it once and it lasts for a good while. Just be careful with the laser and your cat's eyes.

Some Pros, Some Cons

My two cats have different opinions on this toy. One loves the feather and ball, the other is obsessed with the laser. I've noticed the air quality improvement, which is a plus. However, 30 minutes is sometimes not enough time for them to keep playing before it shuts down. It's good, but I wish there was an option to adjust the timer.

A Must-Have Toy for Interactive Play

Just love this cat toy! It stimulates my cat physically and mentally. It's amazing to see her try the different modes - she never seems to get tired of them! Plus, it's very well made. The materials and build mean it will last a long while.