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450ml-600ml Outdoor Folding Titanium Bowl

450ml-600ml Outdoor Folding Titanium Bowl

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• A folding Titanium Bowl designed for outdoor activities
• Lightweight with a large capacity, from 450ml to 600ml
• Convenient and easy to carry, perfect for camping


• Capacity: adjustable from 450ml-600ml
• Material: 100% Titanium
• Weight: Lightweight (specifics depend on various models)


• This innovative outdoor folding titanium bowl makes camping easier and enjoyable.
• Its adjustable capacity ranging from 450ml to 600ml makes it versatile and suitable for various needs.
• It is fully constructed from titanium, ensuring sturdiness and durability despite being lightweight.
• The bowl is foldable, providing easy storage and portability.


• Large capacity to suit various needs
• Crafted from Titanium, promising long-lasting use
• Lightweight and compact, allowing you to carry it with dreamy ease
• Foldable design makes it perfect for camping and outdoor activities


Always handle the bowl with care after heated meals or liquids as titanium conducts heat efficiently and could potentially cause burns. Ensure proper cleaning after usage to maintain its durability. Always unfold and fold the bowl with caution to prevent sudden snaps that might cause injuries.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Space-Saver for My Van Life

Living on the road means space is at a premium, and this foldable titanium bowl has been amazing. It doesn't take up much room, and I can use it for both cooking and eating. Plus, titanium means no weird tastes transferring to my food, unlike some other metals.

Nearly Perfect, With Minor Caveats

The lightweight nature and foldability are winners in my book. I've used it on multiple climbing expeditions and it's survived rough handling. Just be cautious; it can snap shut if you're not careful while folding it, and that might catch your fingers.

Must-have for Serious Hikers

The foldable design of this Titanium Bowl means it slides right into my pack, and the weight is non-existent. It's so durable, and because it's titanium, I know it's safe for my food. Just make sure to grip it with a cloth or gloves when it holds hot contents.

Gourmet Meals Anywhere!

I'm big on camp cooking, and this adjustable titanium bowl didn't disappoint. It's the perfect balance of size and portability, and I can tell it will be with me for many trips to come. A worthwhile investment for any outdoor enthusiast!

Campsite Companion!

Just got back from a week in the mountains with my new Titanium Bowl. Absolutely love how light it is! It didn't add any noticeable weight to my pack and held both my morning oatmeal and evening stews without any issues. Being able to adjust the size is a game-changer for portion control.