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6 Pockets Lens Filter Bag Camera Lens Filter Pouch

6 Pockets Lens Filter Bag Camera Lens Filter Pouch

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- Compact and portable 6 Pockets Lens Filter Bag
- Designed to hold and protect filters ranging from 49mm-77mm
- Manufactured from weather-resistant nylon for durability
- Clear inner lining for quick and easy filter access
- Ideal for field work and various shooting situations

- Dimensions: Not specified
- Weight: Not specified
- Material: Weather-resistant nylon
- Capacity: Holds 3/4/6 filters with or without their protective cases
- Filter Size Compatibility: 49mm-77mm

- This Lens Filter Bag is designed to securely hold and protect your camera filters, accommodating sizes from 49mm to 77mm.
- The bag is made from weather-resistant nylon, ensuring durability and protection against the elements.
- It features a clear inner lining, allowing for quick and easy access to your filters.
- The bag is compact and lightweight, making it perfect for field work and on-the-go photographers.
- It provides space-efficient storage, eliminating the need for heavy or bulky cases.

- Provides a convenient and safe storage solution for your camera filters.
- The weather-resistant material ensures your filters are protected in various conditions.
- Clear inner lining allows for quick identification and access to your filters, saving you time.
- Compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry, ideal for photographers who are always on the move.
- Eliminates the need for bulky filter cases, freeing up space in your camera bag.

- While the Lens Filter Bag is designed to protect your filters, it is still important to handle your filters with care to prevent any potential damage. Always ensure the bag is securely closed before transportation. The bag does not guarantee protection against severe impacts or drops. Always store in a safe and secure location.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
A Photographer's Must-Have

I spotted this filter bag at a convention and had to get one. It's really helped me minimize space in my camera bag since I ditched my old bulky filter cases. My only critique is I wish they offered more color options, but functionality-wise, it's perfect.

Handy Bag for Filter Fanatics

As someone who uses a variety of filters, this bag is a game changer. Its capacity to hold multiple filter sizes is just what I needed. I?ve used it in various conditions, and it has held up well. It's evident that the makers understand photographers' needs. A solid purchase!

A Decent Solution with Some Flaws

The bag's compactness is great, and the variety of filter slots are pretty useful. However, I wish it was a bit more robust. The nylon is weather-resistant, but I'm concerned how it will hold up long term. It's fine for now, but I'll keep an eye on it for wear and tear.

Simple and Functional

There isn?t much to say other than it works. It?s a simple design, but sometimes that?s all you need. It fits my filters perfectly, and I trust the material to keep them safe from the light rain or dust. This bag just blends into my workflow without any hassle.

Perfect For Outdoor Shoots!

I recently picked up this lens filter bag before a week-long trip to the Rockies. Absolutely love how it's made out of weather-resistant nylon; kept my filters dry despite some unexpected rain. The clear lining is super handy for quick swaps while I'm out in the field. It's also super light and didn't add any bulk to my gear.