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Absorbent Cotton Balls Soaker Balls Outdoor Swimming Pool 5cm Reusable Water Balls Children Water Balloon

Absorbent Cotton Balls Soaker Balls Outdoor Swimming Pool 5cm Reusable Water Balls Children Water Balloon

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• Our Reusable Water Balls offer excellent water-absorbing properties for outdoor and pool activities.

• Made from high-quality polypropylene, they are durable to sustain multiple uses.

• These 5cm water balls are perfect for children over 3 years old to enjoy water games.


• Dimensions: 5cm
• Materials: Polypropylene
• Color: Varies (as the picture show)
• Product Packaging: OPP Bag


• The Reusable Water Balls are crafted with top-notch polypropylene for enhanced durability and repeated use.
• They are expertly designed to soak and hold as much water as possible, providing endless fun for outdoor and pool activities.
• Their size of 5cm makes them perfect for small hands to hold and throw.
• Each pack contains balls of various colors, as shown in the picture, adding to the fun and excitement.
• The product is suitable for children aged 3 years and older.


• The Reusable Water Balls are versatile, doubling up as children's toys and a water soaker for outdoor parties.
• Their reusable nature makes them an eco-friendly alternative to single-use water balloons.
• These 5cm water balls are lightweight, easy to handle, and safe for children over 3 years old.
• With varied colors, they are visually appealing and enhance excitement during play.


Please remember that due to various factors such as hand measurement and monitor differences, the size and color of the Reusable Water Balls might slightly vary from what is described. Please also ensure that the product is not given to children under the age of 3 years due to potential choking hazards. As a safety rule, always supervise children during play to avoid any unwanted incidents.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Good, Clean Fun!

These are great for kids and adults alike during our outdoor BBQs and pool time. They absorb water nicely and are easy to handle. The quality seems solid so far, though we've only used them a few times. Hoping they last the whole summer!

Great Idea, Decent Execution

I really liked the concept of reusable water balls and they're mostly what I expected. Unfortunately, some of the balls started wearing out after a few uses, with visible fraying. Also, the colors were not as bright as I expected. Still, they provide decent fun for the kids.

Winner for Water Fights!

We ditched traditional water balloons for these Reusable Water Balls and haven't looked back. Great for the environment and the kids' enjoyment. They're surprisingly durable and maintain their shape even after being used all weekend. A little variation in size and color compared to the listing, but nothing major.

Durability Meets Fun

The quality of these polypropylene water balls is impressive. They hold up well to a lot of use and are really easy for my children to throw and catch. Just make sure to supervise the little ones, but that's just common sense. I'd recommend these to anyone!

Colorful Outdoor Fun Without the Waste

Love the color selection and the concept of not having to pick up balloon pieces from the yard. These balls are a much better option for the environment. Plus, the fact that they can be used over and over again means we save money in the long run. The kids find them easy to fill and throw, and cleanup is a breeze!