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ACEFAST T6 TWS Earphone Wireless Bluetooth

ACEFAST T6 TWS Earphone Wireless Bluetooth

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• The ACEFAST T6 TWS Earphone is a wireless Bluetooth device that offers superior sound quality and convenience.
• It features an LED digital display with a translucent material for a futuristic aesthetic.
• The earphone is certified by CE, RoHS, FCC, EAC, TELEC, BQB, and has a UL62368 test report.


• Certification: CE, RoHS, FCC, EAC, TELEC, BQB, UL62368 test report.
• Display: LED digital display with translucent material.
• Noise Reduction: ENC call noise reduction technology.
• Charging: Supports fast charging.


• The ACEFAST T6 TWS Earphone is a wireless Bluetooth device that offers a seamless connection to your devices.
• It features an LED digital display that adds a modern, futuristic touch to the device.
• The earphone is equipped with ENC call noise reduction technology, ensuring clear calls even in noisy environments.
• It supports fast charging, allowing for a quick power boost when you're on the go.


• Enjoy clear, high-quality sound with the ACEFAST T6 TWS Earphone's advanced technology.
• The LED digital display not only adds a stylish touch but also provides easy-to-read battery and connection status.
• With ENC call noise reduction, your calls will be crystal clear, no matter where you are.
• The fast charging feature ensures you're never without your earphones when you need them most. A quick 10-minute charge provides up to 1.5 hours of use.


Please be aware that while the ACEFAST T6 TWS Earphone supports fast charging, it's essential to use a compatible charger to avoid potential damage to the earphones. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions for charging to ensure the longevity and safety of your device.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Crips Sound, Even in Noisy Environments!

I'm surprised by how well the noise reduction technology works on these earphones. I take a lot of calls for work, and the clarity is unmatched. The futuristic look of the LED display is a bonus. Fast charging is super efficient, making these perfect for my busy lifestyle.

Great Design and Super Convenient

Love the translucent material on the LED display, it's so stylish and modern. The ACEFAST T6 earphones connect seamlessly with my phone, and I've had no issues with the Bluetooth connection. The sound is clear, and the noise reduction feature is quite effective. Fast charging feature is a godsend for a quick top-up before hitting the gym.

Good Earphones, But There's a Learning Curve

Overall, the ACEFAST T6 earphones offer great sound and the noise cancellation is solid. However, the LED display, while it looks cool, took me a while to get used to as I navigated the touch controls. Once you get the hang of it, it's quite intuitive. Fast charging is incredible, no complaints there.

Next-Level Listening Experience!

I was truly blown away by the ACEFAST T6 TWS Earphone's sound quality. The LED digital display definitely makes these earphones stand out, giving them a sleek, futuristic feel. Noise reduction works great - I can take calls in the middle of a busy street without any hassle. Fast charging is a lifesaver when I forget to charge overnight. Just a solid device overall.

Quality Sound, Questionable Comfort

The sound quality is superb, and the ENC noise reduction technology doesn't disappoint. Fast charging feature is also a plus. However, the earphone design doesn't fit my ears perfectly, which can become uncomfortable over time. They are great for short-term use and perfect for someone who finds them a good fit.