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Adjustable Dog Sunglasses

Adjustable Dog Sunglasses

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• Stylish and practical adjustable dog sunglasses.
• Features high-quality polycarbonate lenses to protect your pet from harmful environmental elements.
• Adjustable and high-elasticity straps ensure a comfortable fit.
• Includes sponge padding for added comfort and eye protection.
• Ideal for outdoor activities with your pet.

• Materials: Polycarbonate Lens, High-Elasticity Elastic Band, Sponge Padding
• Protection: UV, UV400, Infra Red and Visible Light Intensity
• Adjustability: Adjustable Elastic Cord fit for Different Head Shapes
• Special Feature: Sponge Pad Inside for Alleviating Eyestrain

• The dog sunglasses are equipped with an adjustable and high-elasticity strap for a perfect fit on different pet head shapes.
• They feature a high-quality polycarbonate lens that filters and decreases the intensity of UV, UV400, Infra Red and visible light.
• These glasses include a sponge padding around the lenses for ultimate comfort and thermal performance.
• They're suitable for various outdoor activities such as skiing, climbing, swimming, and more.

• Protects your pet's eyes from snow, wind, dust, UV rays, and fog.
• Alleviates eyestrain and pressure around the eye area.
• Perfect for outdoor adventures, ensuring your pet's safety and well-being.
• These sunglasses offer a fashionable look, dressing up your pets in an attractive style.

NOTE: Each dog has a unique body and head size. Before making your purchase, it is strongly recommended that you carefully measure your dog's head size to ensure the sunglasses will fit comfortably and securely.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Perfect fit for my adventure partner

My dog is my regular companion for outdoor activities, and these sunglasses have been a blessing for both protection and comfort. I appreciate the elastic band that keeps the glasses secure, and the sponge padding is a thoughtful touch. She seems to have no complaints! Plus, tons of compliments every time we go out.

Stylish sunnies for my Corgis!

Both my Corgis are now rocking these stylish sunnies on our outings. The adjustable feature is perfect as one of them has a slightly broader head. They don't seem to mind wearing them, and it's reassuring to know their eyes are protected from the elements. The added thermal performance has been great for colder days as well.

Snow glare be gone!

Perfect for our snow treks! I wasn?t sure if my Samoyed would keep them on, but the strap adjusts easily and she seems to forget she's even wearing them. The polycarbonate lenses keep her eyes safe from the glare, and she's now the most stylish pup on the trail.

Fashion and function in one!

My poodle looks fabulous and is protected from the sunlight! These glasses fit well and the sponge padding seems to be comfy for him. Lost a star because he didn't warm up to wearing them for a couple of days, but now he doesn't seem to mind. They're very useful especially during our sunny beach days.

Great concept but size matters!

I was excited to try these out with my beagle since he's often bothered by bright lights. The glasses themselves are great and seem to offer good protection, but it was tricky to get the fit right. He's got a smaller head, and even with adjustments, they slip off more than I'd like. Definitely measure your dog's head before you buy.