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Alloy Steel Outdoor Survival Window Breaker Titanium Edc

Alloy Steel Outdoor Survival Window Breaker Titanium Edc

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• Compact and portable survival tool for outdoor emergencies.
• Features a window breaker made from 3Cr13 alloy steel.
• Titanium elements for enhanced durability.


• Dimensions: 3.4cm x 5.5cm
• Thickness: 14mm
• Material: 3Cr13 Alloy Steel, Titanium


• This survival tool is crafted from 3Cr13 alloy steel, enriched with titanium for added strength and resilience.
• It is compact with dimensions of 3.4cm x 5.5cm, making it easily portable even in the pocket.
• With a thickness of 14mm, it’s sturdy enough to withstand significant impact without fracturing.
• This tool’s primary function is to act as a window breaker in emergency scenarios - a must-have accessory for outdoor enthusiasts.


• Compact size enables easy storage and portability.
• Alloy steel construction provides exceptional durability and strength.
• Features titanium elements for added resilience.
• Acts as a lifesaving tool in outdoor emergencies by providing a reliable window breaking mechanism.


Always handle this survival tool with care due to its sharp points, which are intended to break glass. Store in a safe place away from children. Despite its small size, this tool has significant impact power, so caution is required during use. Use responsibly and only when necessary.

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Customer Reviews

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Compact Companion for Trail Treks

Been on several hikes with this as my new little buddy. It?s easy to forget it?s there because of its size, but it gives a good sense of security. It?s reassuring to know that it can help in a pinch. Make sure to keep it securely stored, as instructed ??it's seriously sturdy!

Useful but Requires Strength

This survival tool is indeed built solid and the materials are great, but it requires a good amount of force to break a window. It's portable and fits anywhere, but I'd recommend it for those who have the physical capability to swing it hard.

Saved the Day

This tool came in handy during a recent camping trip when a friend accidentally locked keys in the car. I was able to easily break the window with minimum effort. The tool?s small size but powerful performance is impressive. Definitely keeping this on all future trips.

Confidence Booster During Solo Travels

I go on a lot of solo hikes and having this tool gives me an extra sense of security. It's lightweight, easy to carry, and I trust that it will perform when needed. Every little detail from the construction to the size is perfect for my needs.

Survival Tool That Packs a Punch

As someone who?s always ready for unexpected situations, this tool checks all the boxes. It?s compact enough to carry on my person at all times without even noticing it. The window breaker works incredibly well, tested on a piece of scrap from the junkyard. Premium quality in a small package.