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Automatic Cat Litter Box

Automatic Cat Litter Box

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• An automatic cat litter box ideal for cat owners
• Convenient for both cats and cat owners with a variety of modes and options
• The fully assembled CATLINK's Cat Litter Box includes X2 Ball Cabin Filters, a Power Cable, X3 Waste drawer roll liners, x2 Activated carbon odor removal filters, and User Manual

• Dimensions: Not provided
• Weight: Not provided
• Materials: Not provided

• The 13L oversized waste drawer meets the needs of pet owners for short trips
• Suitable for cats between 3.3lb-44lb
• The huge interior space ensures a pleasant toileting experience for cats
• The pedestal of the litter box is wipeable with a clean cloth
• The back cover, the sphere bin, and the waste drawer are washable
• Easy to dismantle and clean
• Various operational modes available to suit your schedule

• Eases the task of cleaning after your cat
• Automatic cleaning feature helps to maintain a clean environment for your pet
• Large waste drawer makes it convenient for short trips
• Suitable for a wide range of cat weights, ensuring it's perfect for almost any cat
• The spacious interior makes this a comfortable solution for your pet
• Washable parts make it practical and easy to clean
• Flexible operational modes customize the box to suit your needs

NOTE: Please empty the waste box when the error indicator is blinking, which means the box is full. Always ensure that the litter box is on a flat floor and not leaning against any objects. Do not place any objects on top of the unit. The pedestal of the litter box is not washable and can only be wiped with a clean cloth. Be careful not to lose the small support bracket on the back of the sphere bin when dismantling. Also, don't touch the machine or buttons during the self-test when it is plugged in. Your CATLINK's litter box requires device self-check and weight calibration after installation. Replace the carbon filters every three months and expose them to the sun every other month. Liners should be replaced at least once a week, depending on how many cats you own. Finally, the Catlink stair function only serves as a ladder due to the height of the litter box. If this function is not desired, please choose another product.

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Customer Reviews

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Impressed with the functionality

This automatic litter box has been quite impressive. Easy setup, the manual is clear, and it's relatively quiet when operating. I love that I don't have to deal with litter every day. It's sturdy, too, which I wasn't expecting. One star off because it's pretty bulky and finding a spot for it can be a challenge.

A smart investment for my fur babies

I was hesitant given the price tag, but after months of use, I can say it's worth every penny for the convenience alone. The size is suitable for both my cats, and they've had no issues adapting to their new lavatory. The only downside is the non-washable pedestal ??it would've been the cherry on top. But still, a great buy!

Ease and Comfort for my Cats

CATLINK's litter box does everything it claims. The large drawer allows me to be away for a couple of days, and the cats seem to like the privacy of the big space. Cleaning it is super simple. Kudos for the design and ease of use!

Techy Litter Box that Delivers

As a tech enthusiast, I was excited about this high-tech litter solution. CATLINK's litter box has exceeded expectations. It?s easy to disassemble for cleaning, which I do appreciate. Also, having multiple modes to choose from makes this an adaptable gadget for cat owners!

A life-changer for cat owners!

I have two cats and this CATLINK's litter box has been a game-changer. I no longer worry about scooping every day, and I can take a weekend trip without stressing about the litter situation. The waste drawer really does hold enough, and the carbon filters keep the smell at bay. I was initially concerned if my chunkier cat would fit, but it's been great for both my 10lb and 16lb cats. Highly recommend!