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Automatic Feeder for Dogs and Cats

Automatic Feeder for Dogs and Cats

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• The YMCY Smart Feed 2nd Generation Automatic Pet Feeder is a highly technical and thoughtfully designed feeder for pets.
• It connects to smartphones and home Wi-Fi, enabling pet owners to schedule, adjust, and monitor pet meals remotely.
• Applies modern technology to ensure your pet's meals are delivered on time, every time, and won an award for its innovation in 2020.

• Dimensions: Not specified
• Weight: Not specified
• Materials: Durable plastic for the device, stainless steel bowl.

• Uses a free smartphone app to connect with the feeder and monitor its status.
• Holds 24 cups of dry or semi-moist food and schedules meals up to 12 times daily.
• Dispenses meals in varied sizes catering to the pet’s consumption capacity.
• Comes with a Slow Feed setting for dispensing meals larger than 1/8 of a cup in small amounts across 15 minutes.
• A ‘Feed Now’ option is available for instant meal dispatch from the app or via the button on the feeder.
• Stainless steel bowl comes with a removable holder to prevent tipping or moving.
• Top-rack dishwasher safe feeder components ensure easy cleaning.
• Has provision for a backup battery using 4 D alkaline batteries (not included).
• Compatible with a 2.4GHz router and works with iOS 9.0, Android 6.0 or later smartphones.
• Enable multiple-people control of a single feeder from their smartphones and control of multiple feeders from one smartphone.

• Provides a remote and effective handling of pet meals, reducing the pet owner's task of feeding the pet manually.
• Low food or empty food notifications keeps you in the loop, preventing your pet from missing its meals.
• Slow Feed setting caters to pets that tend to eat too quickly, stretching the meal across 15 minutes.
• The easy-to-clean components save time and effort in maintenance.
• Battery backup option ensures uninterrupted meal schedule for your pet even during power outages.

Please use the right kind of food for smooth dispensing of meals. Avoid excessively large or wet food to prevent jamming of the apparatus. Ensure to connect the feeder to a 2.4GHz router for smooth functioning, double-check that the feeder remains connected to your smartphone app. The feeder is battery-operated during power failures, so it is recommended to keep spare batteries at hand to avoid disruption of meal schedules. Do not let children play with the feeder as it is not a toy. Always monitor the pet for overeating tendencies and adjust portion sizes accordingly. It is here to make your life easy, so happy feeding!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
No More Morning Wake-up Meows!

The YMCY feeder is fantastic! It's like having a reliable cat-sitter without the expenses. Scheduling multiple meals through the app is easy, and I haven't encountered any food jamming issues. My cat used to wake me up for her early breakfast, but now we both get to sleep in. Thank you for this wonderful product!

The Game Changer for Busy Pet Parents!

I never thought I'd find something that would give me such peace of mind! The YMCY Smart Feed 2nd Gen has been such a lifesaver. My work schedule is hectic, but with this automatic pet feeder, I can always make sure my fur baby is fed on time. I love the notifications for low food, and the Slow Feed option is genius for my overeager eater. The set up was quick and it looks durable. Definitely a must-have for pet owners!

Travel without worry

My job requires me to travel often, and the YMCY feeder gives me the ability to ensure my kitty is well-fed while I'm away. The app alerts are a fantastic feature. Occasional Wi-Fi disconnects can be annoying, but it's a small hassle compared to the benefits.

Good, but needs a stronger Wi-Fi connection

I like the idea of this feeder, and when it works, it's great. But my biggest gripe is the connectivity issues. I've had to reset it a couple of times because it wouldn't connect to my phone. Also, make sure you use the right size of kibble - had a minor jam once with larger pieces. It's good, but just be ready for some troubleshooting.

Convenient and Reliable

The feeder works very well, and my two cats have adapted to it with no issue. I am able to monitor their feeding times even when I am out of town, and the app is pretty user-friendly. However, it does sometimes lose connection with the Wi-Fi, which is why I'm giving it 4 stars instead of 5. But overall, the convenience it offers is worth it.