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Automatic Lifting Plush Ball Cat Toy

Automatic Lifting Plush Ball Cat Toy

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• Interactive, automatic lifting, plush ball cat toy designed to entertain and engage pets
• Sleek design with a playful kitten-like appearance
• Battery-operated toy with automatic turn-off feature
• Includes functional features that allow easy installation and convenient replacement of the toy

• Type: Electronic Motion Cat Toy
• Material: High-quality ABS plastic
• Dimensions: 7x7x7 cm
• Weight: 160g/5.71oz
• Suitable for: Tables with 1-3.5cm thickness
• Power: Operated by two AAA batteries (not included)

• This unique cat-toy engages pets with its playful automatic lifting motion.
• Simply clip it on the edge of a table or desktop and allow your feline friend to enjoy.
• Designed to switch-off automatically after 5 minutes of continuous operation.
• The plush ball can easily be replaced with other toys, adding variety and further interest for your pet.

• Provides hours of stimulation and exercise for your beloved pet.
• The automatic turn-off feature conserves battery power while ensuring the toy doesn't overheat.
• Easy installation allows your cat to begin playing immediately, no complicated set-up required.
• Compatibility with replaceable toys ensures a long product lifespan and continued interest from your cat.

Please remember to equip the toy with two AAA batteries before use. As the toy does not come with batteries, these will need to be purchased separately. Also, given the product's small parts, keep it out of reach of small children to avoid choking hazard. As with any pet product, supervision is recommended while your pet is using this toy.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Interactive Fun for Hours

Absolutely delighted with this product. It attaches easily to almost any table we have and keeps my fur babies active. You'll need your own AAA batteries, but once those are in, it's good to go. The automatic turn-off feature is fantastic. I've even bought a few extra balls to keep things fresh for Brian my cat.

Engaging and Durable - A Hit with Gizmo!

I've purchased quite a few cat toys, and this one stands out. The high-quality ABS plastic feels sturdy, and the size is perfect for our small apartment. My cat, Gizmo, is entertained for hours and it?s amusing to watch him interact with it. The fact that the toy turns off on its own and that I can replace the plush ball when it wears out is a big plus!

Engaging Exercise for Lazy Loungers

With two cats that tend to be on the lazier side, I wasn't sure if this toy would catch their interest - but it did! They're jumping and pouncing like I haven't seen in months! The toy's adorable and it?s been really durable. Sometimes I wish the auto-off timer was a bit longer, but overall it's a great product.

Endless Amusement for My Trio

With three cats in the house, finding a toy that they all enjoy can be a challenge. This automatic cat toy has been a game-changer. The design is sleek, easy to clip on various surfaces, and the motion really gets their attention. It's wonderful to see all three of my fur babies taking turns swiping at the ball.

Great Toy, But My Cats Were Scared Initially

This toy is designed well and the quality is evident. My only gripe is that my cats were initially frightened by the sudden motion, which I suppose is to be expected with any new toy. They've warmed up to it, though, and now it's a hit! The auto shut-off feature is great ??it lets me leave the room knowing it won't run endlessly.