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Automatic Nail Clipper Electric Nail

Automatic Nail Clipper Electric Nail

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• An automatic electric nail clipper with a built-in, easy-to-clean storage bin for nail fragments.
• It features adjustable torque speed and a precise cutting angle that allows for clean cuts with convenience and safety.
• It's a compact, USB-rechargeable device that's perfect for at-home or on-the-go use.

• Dimensions: 7.8*8*3.3CM
• Weight: 0.095KG
• Material: ABS
• Colors: Black, Pink, White, Red, Green
• Packing Size: 10.7*10.7*6CM

• The electric nail clipper trims and polishes nails with adjustable torque speed, ensuring clean cuts even at the corners.
• The tool utilizes a 3D precise hole position and a gold 45° angle, appropriate for hard and thick nails, soft nails, and is ideal for young children and elderly people.
• The cutting head, made of alloy, has a precise and sharp angle that's sharp and durable, cutting nails cleanly and lasting for more than 10 years.
• The compact design makes it easy to carry in your pocket or carry-on bag.
• The nail clippers are rechargeable via USB, increasing the usage convenience.

• An all-in-one tool that trims, polishes, and collects nail fragments, making nail care convenient and clean.
• Adjustable torque speed accommodates various nail types and ages.
• Alloy cutter head ensures precision, durability, and long-lasting service.
• Compact and USB-rechargeable, perfect for travel or everyday use.

Please handle the product carefully due to its sharp alloy cutting head. Ensure to keep it out of reach from young children when not in use. Remember to empty the storage bin regularly for optimal operation.

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Customer Reviews

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Fuss-Free Nail Care

I bought this nail clipper on a whim and it ended up being quite impressive. It's a breeze for my weak wrists and the nails come out smooth and neat. Emptied the bin less often than I expected ??it holds quite a lot! I do wish it came with a little brush for cleaning. Apart from that, it's a solid product.

Travel Essential for Grooming

I travel a lot for work and this electric nail clipper has been my best grooming companion. It charges quickly and the precision is unmatched, making it perfect for quick touch-ups before meetings. Definitely beats having to carry traditional clippers and files.

A Nail-Saving Wonder!

I absolutely love this automatic electric nail clipper! The adjustable torque speed works wonders for my thick nails, and I found the precise angle to be incredibly effective. The compact size is a blessing for travel ??it fits easily in my carry-on, and the USB charging is super convenient. No mess either, thanks to the built-in storage bin. Highly recommend!

Durable and Handy yet Needs More Torque

The durability of this electric nail clipper is remarkable. The alloy cutting head makes for a clean, sharp cut every time. While it's perfect for my regular nail trimming, I find that when dealing with very hard nails, it needs a bit more torque. It's a small gripe in an otherwise excellent tool, so it gets four stars from me.

Efficient and Safe Nail Trimming Solution

As someone who values hygiene and efficiency, this electric nail clipper is exceptional. It's particularly useful for my elderly parents, offering a safe way to trim their nails without any hassle. The clean cuts and the ease of use have made it a staple in our household. It?s been durable and reliable ??a solid investment.