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AVATTO Tuya Brazil WiFi Light Wall Switch,Touch-Sensor

AVATTO Tuya Brazil WiFi Light Wall Switch,Touch-Sensor

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- The AVATTO Tuya Brazil WiFi Light Wall Switch is a touch-sensor switch that offers smart control over your home lighting.
- It features APP remote control, hands-free voice control, timer, schedule and countdown functions, and family share function.
- The switch also offers three kinds of restart states for added convenience.


- Dimensions: 124 x 118 x 35 mm
- Weight: Not specified
- Materials: ABS flame retardant body with a tempered glass panel
- System Compatibility: Supports IOS8.0 / Android4.0 and above
- Wi-Fi Band: 2.4GHz / 2.4GHz & 5GHz mixed
- Rated Power: 800W/gang
- Rated Current: 10A
- Input Voltage: AC110 ~ 240V, 50 / 60hz
- Standby Consumption: 0.45w/0.1mA


- The AVATTO Tuya Brazil WiFi Light Wall Switch can be controlled remotely via the Smart Life/Tuya Smart APP on your phone or tablet.
- It is compatible with Amazon Alexa Echo, Google Home, etc., allowing for hands-free voice control.
- The switch features a timer, schedule, and countdown functions, enabling you to customize your lighting according to your personal requirements.
- The family share function allows you to share control of the switch with your family members, creating a smart home environment.
- The switch has three kinds of restart states, ensuring the switch doesn't remain on when power comes back.


- Provides the convenience of controlling your home lighting from anywhere, anytime via an app.
- Allows for hands-free operation with voice control compatibility.
- Enables customization of lighting schedules for energy efficiency and personal preference.
- Promotes a shared smart home experience with the family share function.
- Ensures safety and energy conservation with the restart state feature.


- Please ensure the switch is installed by a qualified electrician to avoid any risk of electric shock.
- The switch is designed for use with the specified IOS and Android systems. Using it with other systems may result in compatibility issues.
- The switch operates on a 2.4GHz / 2.4GHz & 5GHz mixed Wi-Fi band. Ensure your Wi-Fi supports this band for optimal performance.
- The switch is rated for a maximum power of 800W/gang and a current of 10A. Overloading the switch may result in damage or potential fire hazard.
- The switch is designed for an input voltage of AC110 ~ 240V, 50 / 60hz. Using it outside these specifications may result in damage to the switch and connected devices.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
A Kitchen Lifesaver

I installed the AVATTO switch in my kitchen, and it's fantastic for when my hands are full, and I need to switch on the lights. I just tell my Google Home to do it! Plus, I'm not stressing if I left the light on when I'm out as I can just check my phone and turn it off if needed.

Family Approved Smart Switch

With two kids who forget to turn off lights, the AVATTO switch has been a game-changer. I schedule the lights to shut off at bedtime, and it's been working flawlessly. Sharing control with the family means even the kids can get in on managing our home lighting.

Convenient and User-Friendly

I've had a wonderful experience with the light switch's app remote control function. The timer and schedule features help me manage my energy consumption better, and the family share feature is a nice touch for making sure everyone can control the lights.

Transformed My Home!

The AVATTO Tuya Brazil WiFi Light Wall Switch has completely upgraded my lighting at home. Installation was a breeze (thanks to my electrician), and setting it up with the Smart Life app was straightforward. I love being able to turn off the kitchen lights from my bedroom with just a voice command to my Alexa!

Smart Homes Aren?t Just For the Young!

I thought moving into the smart home world would be tough at my age, but this light switch proved me wrong. The touch-sensor is responsive, and while I rarely use the app, it's simple enough. I mostly enjoy telling Alexa to do the switching for me. The large touch surface is a bonus.