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Baby Wet Towel Warmer

Baby Wet Towel Warmer

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• A Baby Wet Towel Warmer with adjustable temperature settings.
• Compact size for easy portability and storage.
• Includes built-in temperature sensor for constant heat maintenance.
• Provides safe, fast heating with 5V/2A low voltage design.
• Comes in multiple colors: pink, green, blue.

• Product Color: Pink, Green, Blue
• Rated Voltage: 5V-2A
• Rated Power: 10W
• Power Supply: USB cable plug-in use
• Packing Size: 120x200x95mm

• This Baby Wet Towel Warmer adjusts temperature from 40 to 60 degrees Celsius with an LED real-time display.
• Conveniently sized, this product fits easily without occupying much space.
• The built-in temperature sensor maintains a constant temperature after heating.
• Provided with multiple USB ports for convenience and quickness.
• The top cover forms a closed system with water vapor circulating in the sealed space.
• Top heating plate designed for even heat distribution and preventing lower layers from drying out.

• Adjustable temperature allows you to select suitable warmth according to different seasons.
• Space-saving design, fitting the size of an ordinary tissue box.
• Keeps the warmth locked all day with its constant temperature feature.
• Ensures safe heating with its low voltage design.
• Sealed system design helps in retaining moisture and prevents drying out of wipes.

This product requires a 2A plug for operation. If the warmer is not heating and the screen is shutting off, it's likely due to insufficient plug power supply, requiring a 2A plug adapter replacement. For faster, even heating, it's suggested to remove the plastic cover from the wet wipes.

Please keep this product out of children’s reach and do not immerse the heating cover in water for cleaning. Power socket and socket should always remain dry, and it's prohibited to plug or unplug the power plug with wet hands. Pls, unplug the power when it's not in use. General wet wipes may turn yellow after being heated due to the natural plant fibers they contain, which is a normal occurrence and doesn't impact quality. To prevent the wipes from drying out and discoloring, it's recommended to use the open wipes as soon as possible (within about a week).

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Good product but read the notes carefully!

This towel warmer certainly delivers when it comes to heating. However, I didn't realize that a 2A plug was needed and had a bit of trouble with the initial power supply. Once sorted, it worked like a charm. I'd advise future buyers to read the instructions thoroughly.

Convenient with minor flaws

The temperature setting is a great concept, and it's compact, but I'm not too thrilled about having to take off the plastic on wipes for better heat distribution. Plus, you must remember to buy a 2A plug separately for proper operation.

The Warmth your Baby Needs!

With the adjustable settings, my baby's wipes are always at the perfect warmth. I was pleasantly surprised by the constant temperature maintenance. My baby seems happier during cleanups, definitely a five-star product!

Tech-Compatible and Baby Approved!

As a tech enthusiast, the low voltage design and USB ports impressed me. The product evenly warms wipes while keeping them moist. Color choices are a nice touch ??I went with blue to match my baby's room.

The Ultimate Convenience!

This warmer keeps my life simple and my baby content. It's small enough to travel with, and I adore the pretty pink one I picked. The temperature adjusts smoothly, and the LED display is a very nice feature.