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Bandage Wound Rescue

Bandage Wound Rescue

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• Military-standard sterile bandage
• Ideal for first aid to stop bleeding and bandage wounds
• Available in army green color
• Suitable for both military and civilian use.

• Material: Polyester Fiber
• Color: Army Green
• Available Sizes:
- 4'' width: 100*2000mm(3.93*78.7'')
- 6'' width: 150*2000mm(5.9*78.7'')
• Packing List: 1 * Hemostatic Bandage

• This bandage wound rescue is designed to provide quick and efficient first aid.
• It can stop bleeding and bandage wounds efficiently, making it a staple in every first aid kit at home and work.
• Available in a standard soldier's sterile personal bandage in a sealed vacuum bag for reliability and safety.
• The bandage is available in two sizes: 4'' width (100*2000mm) and 6'' width (150*2000mm) to cater to different needs.
• The package includes 1 Hemostatic Bandage.

• Quick and efficient first aid solution for bleeding and wound treatment.
• Sterile bandage promotes safety and reduces chances of infection.
• Versatile use – suitable for military and civilian purposes.
• Sealed vacuum bag ensures the bandage remains clean and sterile until use.
• Available in 2 sizes for convenient use.

• Hemostatic bandages are meant for emergency treatment to stop bleeding and should not replace the need for immediate medical attention. Seek medical assistance as soon as possible after applying the bandage.
• Ensure the bandage is securely and tightly applied to the wound to facilitate effective bleeding control. Always wear gloves when administering first aid to prevent infection.
• The expiry of the bandage is indicated on its packaging. Ensure the bandage is not used beyond its expiry date as its effectiveness may be reduced.
• Keep out of reach of young children.
• If rash or irritation occurs, discontinue use and seek medical advice.

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Customer Reviews

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Peace of Mind for Parents

With two active kids, the occasional scraped knee happens. Having a sterile, quick bandage on hand is a relief. The sealed package is compact and fits well in my purse. Great for those playground incidents!

True Lifesaver in Outdoor Adventures

As an avid hiker, I always keep the Military-standard sterile bandage in my pack. The army green color blends well with my gear, and I've used it once to stop bleeding from a nasty cut. The sterile packaging gives me peace of mind about infections. I'm impressed by its quick action.

Efficient And Reliable

I purchased the 6'' hemostatic bandage for my home first aid kit. It's reassuring to have a military-grade product available. It was easy to apply and effectively stopped bleeding when my husband injured himself fixing the car. The bandage stayed secure until we reached the hospital.

Confidence in a Package

Knowing I have such a high-quality bandage in my car's emergency kit gives me confidence on the road. Its vacuum-sealed, which is perfect for long-term storage. It's a bit expensive, but for the quality, it's worth it.

Sterile Bandage with Room for Improvement

While I appreciate the safety and sterility of the bandage, I found it slightly stiff, making it a bit hard to handle during a stressful situation. It did stop the bleeding and the sizes are convenient, but flexibility could be better.