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Bird Plastic Bathtub

Bird Plastic Bathtub

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• A highly-durable PVC bird bathtub that can also double as a feeding bowl
• Easy to clean and refill with a removable tray
• Comes with sturdy clips for easy attachment to most birdcages
• Perfect for small birds like budgies, peony parrots and others

• Material: Durable PVC
• Dimensions: 13.5cm x 14cm x 14cm/5.31" x 5.51" x 5.51"

• This bird bathtub offers simplicity and ease of use for your avian friends.
• Made from robust PVC, the bathtub is durable and can last for a long time under proper use.
• The removable tray allows easy cleaning, reducing time and effort in maintenance.
• It comes with durable clips, ensuring a steady fit on most birdcages.
• Aside from its primary use, the bathtub can also be used as a feeding bowl, offering added convenience.

• Transparent design allows you to monitor your bird's activities closely.
• Multi-functional, serving both as a bird bath and a feeding bowl.
• Easy-to-clean design ensures maximum hygiene for your birds.
• Durable clips provide secure attachment to bird cages.
• Perfect size for small birds including budgies, peony parrots and others.

NOTE: Always ensure the bathtub is securely attached to the cage to prevent accidents. Regular thorough cleaning of the bathtub is also recommended to maintain hygiene and prevent health hazards.

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Customer Reviews

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Decent Bath, but there's room for improvement

The bathtub is sturdy and functional, and I appreciate the multifunctionality. However, the bath dimensions are a tad snug for my slightly larger peony parrot. It's also a bit plain in design ??I wish there were color options to brighten up my bird's space. It's good, not great. I do love the ease of cleaning though - the removable tray is helpful.

Simple, Effective, and My Birds Love It!

This bird bathtub is a game-changer. It's just the right size for my little feathered friends, and the transparent design is not only cute but helpful for keeping an eye on their antics. I absolutely recommend it for any small bird owner. It's a multifunctional wonder that doesn't break the bank.

Good Bath, Needs Better Instructions

The bird bath itself is exactly what I wanted: durable, easy to clean, and a good fit for my cage. However, the instructions could be clearer on the attachment process. I was afraid of breaking the clips. Plus, I wish there were some tips on best practices for bathing and feeding. But once set up, it worked like a charm!

Good for peony parrots, but be careful with the clips

This bird bath/feeder has been a great addition to my peony parrot's home. The PVC material feels strong, and it's survived a few knocks without any damage. However, the clips took me a bit to figure out how to attach securely without pinching my fingers. Once on, though, they hold tight. Cleaning is a breeze thanks to the detachable tray. I'm knocking off a star for the initial struggle with the clips, but overall, a solid product.

Clean Birds, Happy Owner!

Absolutely love this bird bathtub! Cleaning is so easy, and the transparent PVC is unexpectedly durable. My birds took to it right away, both as a bath and as a feeder. And it's so easy to keep it sanitary - you just slide the tray out, rinse, and replace. No more fiddly parts or fears of mold buildup. Highly recommend!