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Bluetooth Speaker Metal Portable Music Speakers

Bluetooth Speaker Metal Portable Music Speakers

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• The EWA A109 Bluetooth Speaker is a compact, portable, and powerful device that delivers high-quality sound.
• It features a unique metal cavity design, true wireless stereo, and a hands-free function for calls.
• With a built-in battery capacity of 600mAh, it offers up to 5 hours of uninterrupted music playback.
• It supports multiple play modes including Bluetooth connection, card playback, and audio cable playback.


• Model Number: A109P
• Bluetooth Version: 5.0
• RMS: 5W
• SNR: S/N>85dB
• Size: 62.08*48.73mm
• Battery Capacity: 600mAh
• Charge Time: 2 Hours
• Playing Time: 5 Hours
• Bluetooth Frequency Range: 20m
• Frequency: 100-18KHZ
• Bluetooth Frequency: 2.4-2.48GHZ
• Bluetooth Protocols: HS/HF, A2DP, ANRCP, OPP


• The EWA A109 Bluetooth Speaker is designed with a fully sealed metal cavity for enhanced sound quality.
• It uses EWA's excellent bass audio technology and an upgraded 5W drive for rich, clear sound.
• The speaker can be paired with another A109 speaker for dual volume or bold stereo sound.
• It features a built-in microphone for hands-free calls.
• The speaker supports three play modes and has easy-to-use controls for sound level adjustment.


• The compact and portable design makes it easy to carry and use in various settings such as the office, desktop, or bedroom.
• The true wireless stereo feature allows for a more immersive listening experience.
• The hands-free function provides convenience during calls.
• The speaker's great battery life ensures hours of uninterrupted music playback.
• Multiple play modes offer flexibility in how you listen to your music.


• The EWA A109 Bluetooth Speaker should not be used in the bathroom or around water.
• Do not expose the speaker to open flames or direct sunlight.
• When cleaning, use only dry towels.
• The speaker should not be disassembled by the user as it does not contain any user-serviceable parts.
• The weight of the actual product received may vary slightly.

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Customer Reviews

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Versatile and User-Friendly

What first drew me to the EWA A109 was its hands-free function for calls - a lifesaver in my home office. I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to set up and start using. The metal cavity design does indeed make the sound quite impressive for such a small speaker, and having different play modes is très convenient. The battery life is just enough for my daily use.

Great Buy for Music Lovers on the Go

As an avid traveler, I love how the EWA A109 Bluetooth Speaker fits into my on-the-go lifestyle. It's very compact but doesn't compromise on sound quality. I can easily switch between Bluetooth and card playback depending on what I have on hand. The charge time is fast, making it even more portable.

Portable Sound Win

I've been through a number of portable speakers and the EWA A109 is by far the most convenient. The metal design is sleek and feels durable. Sound is crisp, and the volume is more than adequate for personal use. Easy to toss in a bag and go, and the 5 hours of playtime means it's ready for most of my outings.

Convenience and Quality in One Small Speaker

I'm all about products that make my life easier without taking up space, and the EWA A109 fits the bill. I use it for everything?from listening to music in the kitchen to audiobooks in the bedroom. Its small size doesn't stop it from having a powerful output, and the call feature is super clear!

Decent Speaker with Some Limitations

The EWA A109 is reliable and has a good weight to it for its size. The sound quality is overall good, though I noticed a bit of distortion at the highest volume. Battery life is as advertised but could be better. It's great for personal use, but don't expect it to power a large party.