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Body Butter - Energy

Body Butter - Energy

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• Natural body butter with a light and fluffy texture akin to whipped cream
• Includes a custom blend of essential oils selected by the customer
• Made with simple and pure ingredients like Shea Butter, Organic Coconut Oil
• Comes in a laser engraved bamboo jar
• Body butter is paraben-free, making it safe for use

• Base ingredients: Shea Butter, Organic Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil
• Additional ingredients: Vitamin E and pure essential oils
• Container: Bamboo jar
• Customization options: Essential oils blend can be customized as per client's preference

• The body butter is natural and easy to use, with just a small amount needed for almost the entire body.
• Customers have the option to choose their preferred essential oils for a custom blend.
• All ingredients used are pure simple, and paraben-free, ensuring the safety of the product.
• The bamboo jar housing the butter is attractively and meticulously laser-engraved.

• Provides soft, nourished, and well-moisturized skin
• Paraben-free recipe eliminates potential hormone disruption
• Option to choose preferred essential oils allows for personalized scent
• The high-quality bamboo jar can be a classy addition to your beauty collection
• The use of all-natural ingredients ensures a healthy and safe skincare routine

NOTE: The body butter is best kept at 77 degrees Fahrenheit or lower to prevent melting and maintain its light and fluffy texture. If the product arrives melted due to heat exposure during shipping or is left in hot conditions, it will still be effective but will lose its fluffy texture and become solid. As a reminder, we ship body butter orders early in the week with ample ice packs and bubble wrap packaging to keep it cool during the transit.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Velvety Heaven in a Bamboo Jar!

I'm so in love with this body butter! Its whipped texture is pure luxury, and it glides on my skin like a dream. Having the ability to customize the essential oils was a game-changer for me. I went with lavender and rosemary, and the scent is so calming and divine. Plus, the bamboo jar is such an elegant touch to my vanity. It's clear this product's made with a lot of love and care.

Green Thumbs Up For This Moisturizer

As a gardener, my skin goes through a lot. This body butter has been a savior for my cracked hands. The Shea Butter and Sweet Almond Oil blend is deeply nourishing, and being able to choose my favorite essential oils (bergamot and neroli) makes it a personal treat. The bamboo jar is sturdy and a great bonus.

Soft Skin, But Prefers Pre-Mixed Scents

This body butter has done wonders for my dry skin, but choosing my own essential oil blend was a bit overwhelming. I wish there were popular pre-mixed blend options. That said, the shea and coconut base is incredibly moisturizing, and it absorbs quickly without leaving greasy residue. If you're into creating your own blend, you'll adore this.

True Skin Elixir!

The hype is real with this one! If you're skeptical about the price, I can tell you it's worth every penny. The texture is unlike any other body butter I've tried?so fluffy and light?and it makes my skin feel incredibly hydrated and smooth. I chose a citrus blend for my jar, and the scent is so refreshing!

Classy Container, Quality Product

The quality of this body butter caught me by surprise?with its smooth, whipped consistency and the pure, natural aroma tailored to my preference (sandalwood and vanilla for me). But what I really commend is the classy bamboo jar; it's the perfect balance of practicality and style. It is a bit pricey, however, the quality justifies it.