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Borneo Medio Straw Tote Bag - Hand Bag with White Roman Tassels

Borneo Medio Straw Tote Bag - Hand Bag with White Roman Tassels

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• Unique Borneo Medio Straw Tote Bag adorned with White Roman Tassels.
• Handcrafted with natural soft rattan straw from Borneo by local artisans.
• Exclusively numbered designs with only 1 item available in each style.

• Dimensions: Height - around 12 inches, Width - around 18 inches, Depth - around 7.5 inches (stretched).
• Weight: Not specified.
• Material: Natural Rattan Straw from Borneo.
• Handle Height: Around 9.5 inches.

• This artisan Borneo Straw Tote Bag features carefully crafted tassels inspired by the lush Balinese Forest color palette.
• Each bag is numbered in the order of its creation, providing a unique, limited-edition piece for the user.
• All construction is done hand in Borneo, reflecting traditional craft methods and supporting local industries.

• A one-of-a-kind fashion piece due to its exclusive design.
• Potent expression of individual style through unique, numbered designs.
• Crafted from natural materials that live in harmony with the environment.
• Supports local artisans and promotes traditional craftmanship.

Please bear in mind that as all our collections are handmade, there may be some irregularities in the product which add to its unique nature. Rest assured, you will not receive an item that has rips, tears, or stains. Handle the tote bag with care to maintain its longevity. Avoid contact with water and harsh chemicals to prevent damage to the natural rattan straw.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
A Mixed Bag

The craftsmanship of the straw tote is undeniable, and supporting traditional artisans is always a good thing. It's spacious and distinctive. However, it does feel a bit fragile, and I have to be extra careful not to snag the tassels on anything. Takes a bit of effort to maintain.

Great Concept, Requires Care

I love the concept of this bag, the natural materials, and the support for artisans. But, the bag is definitely not for those who are hard on their accessories. It needs a gentle touch and isn't the bag for every occasion due to the delicacy of the rattan straw and tassels.

Good, but expected more

The tote bag is quite large and fits a lot, which I appreciate. The craftsmanship is also evident. But there were some inconsistencies in the weave that made me question the quality control. It's not a deal-breaker since it's handmade, but for the exclusive price, I was hoping for perfection. Also, not very practical for rainy weather, which is a bummer.

Impressive and Practical

I bought this for my wife and she hasn't stopped using it since it arrived. She really appreciates the unique number and the fact that it's one-of-a-kind. The size of the bag is perfect for her daily use, and it seems quite sturdy for being made of straw. She's careful not to get it wet, but otherwise, it's been a practical and stylish choice.

Trendsetter's Dream

This Borneo Medio Straw Tote Bag has turned heads every time I've taken it out. It's not just a bag, it's a piece of art! The color of the tassels reminds me of my vacation in Bali and I feel like I?m carrying a piece of paradise. Plus, it feels great to carry something that isn't mass-produced and supports local craftsmanship. I'm considering buying another as a gift!