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• A chic combination of BRINDALcoated flannel fabric and genuine leather upper.
• Features a 3" heel for a boost in height and confident stride.
• Durable, man-made outsole ensures longevity and wear resistance.

• Upper Material: Genuine Leather
• Fabric: BRINDAL coated flannel
• Heel Height: 3"
• Outsole: Man-made

• The shoe features a sophisticated blend of BRINDAL coated flannel textile and quality genuine leather upper.
• The 3" heel provides added height and improves posture.
• The outsole is skillfully crafted with man-made materials for durability and strong grip on various surfaces.

• The use of genuine leather ensures the shoe is durable and robust giving you a long-lasting product.
• BRINDAL coated flannel adds a touch of elegance and uniqueness to the shoe's design.
• A 3" heel promotes better posture and taller appearance.
• The man-made outsole guarantees efficient ground grip, allowing you to walk with confidence on different surfaces.

NOTE: As with all high-heeled shoes, caution should be taken when walking on slippery or uneven surfaces to avoid potential falls or injuries. Regularly check the outsole for wear and replace when necessary for optimum performance and safety.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Handsome Shoes, but Be Cautious

The style and material quality are as advertised, really beautiful with the leather and flannel combination. The heel does indeed add to posture. Still, I regret to say, caution is indeed required on slippery floors. I had a close call. They're good, but please be careful.

Fashionable Flannel Heels for Every Occasion

I was initially drawn to the unique design of the BRINDAL coated flannel combined with leather. They are remarkably comfortable for a 3" heel and maintain a good grip on most surfaces. They've become my go-to for both work and social events. The quality genuinely matches the product's benefits!

Sturdy and Fashion-Forward

I'm impressed with the balance between durability and style that these shoes offer. The 3" heel is exactly the height I prefer, and I've received numerous compliments on the elegance they bring to my attire. The craftsmanship on the outsole is commendable, as it seems built to last.

Classy but with reservations

The shoes are a perfect fit, and the fabric with leather upper is really exquisite. However, after a couple of uses, I've noticed the outsole starts to show signs of wear quite quickly. They're still a good purchase, but I am also cautious now when walking on slippery surfaces.

A Perfect Blend of Textures!

The combination of BRINDAL coated flannel and genuine leather has won me over. These shoes not only look fantastic with their unique texture blend but also feel robust. Heel support is good, although a little stiff at first. They're well-made and definitely catch the eye!