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Camping Hiking Fishing Classic Sun Glasses

Camping Hiking Fishing Classic Sun Glasses

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• Sporty and functional classic sunglasses ideal for camping, hiking, and fishing
• Comfortable frames outfitted with full-spectrum UV protection lenses

• Material: Durable unbreakable frames
• Lens: Full-spectrum UV protection, polarized

• These glasses are designed with durable and unbreakable frames for long-lasting use.
• Their lenses offer full-spectrum UV protection to shield your eyes from harmful sun rays.
• The glasses are equipped with polarized lenses to eliminate reflected and scattered glares, enhancing your visual clarity in bright conditions.
• They are perfect for a myriad of outdoor sports and activities such as driving, fishing, skiing, traveling, hiking, boating, baseball, and golf.

• High durability provided by the unbreakable frames.
• Excellent eye protection against harmful UV rays.
• Reduced glare from reflected and scattered light for improved vision.
• Versatile usage across multiple outdoor sports and activities.

NOTE: While these sunglasses offer excellent protection against UV rays and scattered glares, they should not be used as a sole protection against potentially harmful light exposure. For optimal safety during prolonged exposure to the sun, combine use with additional forms of sun protection such as sunblock or wide-brimmed hats.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Goodbye Harsh Sun Rays

I?ve got sensitive eyes and needed something for my daily walks. These glasses have been a savior from severe sunlight and I haven't squinted once since I started wearing them!

Perfect Companion for Outdoors

These sunglasses have truly surpassed my expectations. They fit comfortably, and I really appreciate the full-spectrum UV protection while I'm out running. The unbreakable frames provide peace of mind, knowing they can withstand quite a bit of abuse.

Solid Protection, Comfort Could Improve

The UV protection on these sunglasses is fantastic and they really reduce glare. However, after a few hours of wear, they do press a bit too tight behind the ears. Exceptional in every other regard!

Impressive Durability

I took these glasses hiking and accidentally dropped them a few times. Not even a scratch! The unbreakable frames are no joke and the lenses stayed intact providing great protection from the sun.

Fashionable and Functional!

Adore these sunglasses! I can go from a casual lunch straight to a hillside hike without changing gear. The frames are sturdy, yet surprisingly stylish. Plus, I've gotten tons of compliments!