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Cartoon Crab Children Bathing Toys Amphibious Toys Baby Beach Toys

Cartoon Crab Children Bathing Toys Amphibious Toys Baby Beach Toys

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• Entertaining Cartoon Crab Children's Bathing Toy perfect for bathing, beach, or general play
• Engaging amphibious toy design that can perform both in and out of water
• Equipped with a convenient traction rope for easy handling

• Name: Bathing Crab Toy
• Dimensions: Approximately 23*14*11cm/5*12*9CM
• Weight: Not Specified
• Material: Safe and Environmentally Friendly Plastic
• Mechanism: Clockwork, requires no electricity

• The bathing crab toy comes with a neat traction rope. This means your child can lead the toy easily and safely while playing.
• Incorporates clockwork mechanics, eliminating any need for electricity, thereby enhancing safety for your children and preserving the environment.
• Primarily built from durable plastic materials, ensuring the longevity of the toy.

• Promotes hand-eye coordination and body balance through interactive play
• Assists children in recognizing different colors and shapes
• Provides an entertaining platform for early childhood education through play
• Environmentally friendly construction that uses no electricity and minimal materials, reinforcing good practices for the future generation.

NOTE: Allowing children to play with small toys unsupervised might pose a choking hazard. Therefore, ensure that an adult is always present during playtime. Always inspect the toy for any signs of wear and tear to avoid accidents. Lastly, this toy is not suitable for children under three years of age due to its small parts.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
A Splashing Success for My Toddler!

As a mom, I'm always on the lookout for toys that are both safe and fun. The Bathing Crab Toy checks both boxes effortlessly. The traction rope is such a clever addition - it keeps my little one engaged during bath times and even on our beach visits. The size is perfect for tiny hands, and the bright colors are a hit. No batteries needed, which is a huge plus for us environmentally-conscious parents. Plus, my child has picked up on colors more quickly thanks to this little gem!

Durable and Fun, But Could Be More Engaging

I bought this for my nephew, and he's taken it everywhere with him. The Bathing Crab Toy seems really durable and has survived more than a few drops. The clockwork mechanism is smooth and effortless to use. However, I feel like it could do more than just roam around. Maybe a feature where it squirts water or makes a sound could bump up the fun factor. Still, a solid toy that I would recommend.

Charming Toy, But Could Use a Tech Twist

The Bathing Crab Toy is rugged and my son has fun with it, but in this tech age, a bit more interaction would be welcome. Maybe adding a simple sensor that helps it avoid obstacles could spice things up? Regardless, the eco-friendly aspect is a massive plus for us. It's refreshing to have a cool toy that doesn't require batteries or a charger.

Eco-Friendly Toy That My Kids Adore

In a world full of electronic toys, this Bathing Crab Toy is a breath of fresh air. The environmental aspect is important to us. It's great to see my kids play with a toy that doesn't require any batteries or charging. The material feels premium, and the clockwork function is reliable. Apart from bathing, my children use it to race each other by pulling the traction rope. Big win in our house!

Perfect for Little Explorers!

The Bathing Crab Toy is much loved by my 4-year-old! Exploring the functions of the toy has helped with her hand-eye coordination, and I've noticed a significant improvement in her color recognition. The fact that it's a clockwork toy gives me peace of mind since there's no risk of electric shock. And the bonus? It doesn't add to our already high electricity bills!