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Cat Bell Ball Toys

Cat Bell Ball Toys

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• Colorful, low-voltage bell ball toy ideal for cats.
• Environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and made from a high-quality PP bell.
• Available in four vibrant colors: yellow, gray, blue, pink.

• Dimensions: 3.8 cm in diameter.
• Weight: 4.5g.
• Materials: PP bell.

• The Cat Bell Ball Toy is a low-voltage product, ensuring its safety for your pet.
• It is made from a high-quality PP bell, which is non-toxic and environmentally friendly.
• Available in a range of bright colors - yellow, gray, blue, and pink to engage the cat's attention.
• Features a simple, delicate yet durable design due to the quality of PP bell material used.
• The bell shape is fashionable and pleasing to the eye, making it more than just a toy, but also a trendy pet accessory.

• Enhances pet's playtime experience with its bright colors and bell sound.
• It's made from non-toxic material, safe for pets.
• The durable material allows for long-lasting use of the ball, offering value for your money.
• Its fashionable design adds a stylish touch to your pet's collection of toys.
• Makes for a great gift option for cat lovers, friends, and colleagues.

NOTE: Please supervise pet's play to ensure they are playing safely with this toy. While this product is made to be durable, no toy is totally indestructible. If any part becomes loose or detached, replace the toy to prevent any potential injury.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
A Must-Have Toy for Energetic Kitties

I decided to go with the blue Cat Bell Ball Toy for my energetic tabby and it was the best decision ever! She can play with it for hours, and knowing that it's made from safe, non-toxic material puts my mind at ease. It's incredibly sturdy and the bell sound is just right?not too loud, but enough to keep her intrigued.

A Stylish Addition To Playtime

The Cat Bell Ball Toy is just as much a fashion statement as it is a toy! I got the gray one and it looks great lying around the house, unlike most pet toys. My fur baby plays with it non-stop. Seeing the joy it brings her, I'll be gifting these to my fellow cat owners.

Good Toy but Not For My Cat

The idea of the Cat Bell Ball Toy is great and I'm glad it's made from safe materials. Sadly, my cat seems to prefer strings over balls and so hasn't taken to it as much as I'd hoped. It's still a well-made product, though, and I'll hold onto it in case he changes his mind!

Cats Can't Get Enough!

Both my cats are obsessed with their new bell ball toys?I chose the blue and pink ones, and they're a hit! The PP bell is proving to be really tough even against my cats' enthusiastic play. Plus, I love the look of these fun toys around our home.

A Solid Choice for Cats

Bought this for my senior cat in gray, hoping it might spark a bit of her youthful spirit?and it did! While she doesn't play with it all day, she definitely enjoys batting it around occasionally. The bell isn't too loud, which is great for her sensitive ears. Highly recommend!