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Cat Toy Star Texture Ball

Cat Toy Star Texture Ball

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• This star texture ball cat toy is a unique, 3-in-1 product designed to make interaction between pets and their owners more enjoyable.
• The vibrant, high-visibility rainbow colors make this toy easily retrievable in outdoor settings.
• Made from non-toxic, high-quality EVA material, this Cat Toy Star Texture Ball is completely safe for all pets.

• Product Name: Star Texture Ball Feather
• Dimensions: 13*4.1*4.1cm
• Weight: 3g
• Materials: EVA foam ball, Feather
• Applicable For: Cats

• This Star Texture Ball is made with high-quality, non-toxic EVA material, and it’s light, soft, and highly durable.
• It flaunts a super cute, light, and nice-looking design that appeals to cats immensely.
• The product incorporates a feather which acts as a stimulant for your pet during playtime.
• Its design allows it to be versatile, making it great for fetch, training, chewing, and teething.
• Each package includes one Star Texture Ball Feather.

• This star texture ball toy can significantly boost the sensitivity of your pet during play.
• It allows your pet to share in the joy of movement with you.
• Being lightweight, soft, and non-toxic, it ensures the safety and well-being of your pet.
• Its vibrant design and in-built feather create an engaging experience for your pet.
• Making a great gift, it’s perfect for your small dog or cat.

NOTE: While this product is designed for all pets' safety, it is specifically suitable for small dogs or cats. It is not recommended for larger pets due to its compact size and lightweight. Always supervise your pet while they're playing with this toy to ensure safe use.

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Customer Reviews

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Durable and Entertaining

I appreciate a good durable toy when I see one. Our cat chews on everything, but this ball has withstood her teeth. The feathers add a lot of excitement to her playtime, too!

My Cat Couldn't be Happier!

The Star Texture Ball Feather has my cat bouncing around the house like a kitten again. She just can?t resist the feathers, and the ball?s lightweight design makes it easy for her to bat it back and forth.

Amazing Toy, But Keep an Eye on Your Pet

Our cat finds the feather irresistible and the ball's size makes it a great indoor toy. However, keep an eye on your pets with any toy, as they can be unpredictable.

A Fun, Safe Plaything for Playful Kitties

Our pet prioritizes this toy over others now. The rainbow colors of the Star Texture Ball Feather are a genius idea! Plus, I rest easy knowing the non-toxic material won't harm my pet.

A Must-Have for Cat Owners

This toy is a true lifesaver. Not only does my cat stay engaged, but the quality has stood the test of time. It?s the first thing she runs to in the morning and the last thing she wants to leave at night.