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Cat Training Toy With Animal Sounds

Cat Training Toy With Animal Sounds

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• Interactive cat ball toy that makes animal sounds to stimulate a cat’s natural instincts and provide entertainment.
• Ready and easy to use, it comes with a built-in battery and high-sensitivity sounder.
• Offers a unique solution to engage and keep your cat healthy, aiding in obesity prevention.

• Dimensions: 5*5cm/2*2in
• Material: EVA
• Weight: Not specified
• Sounds: Bird (pink), Frog (blue), Cricket (yellow)
• Packaging: Boxed
• Configuration: Includes built-in LR44 lithium battery and high-sensitivity sounder

• The cat training toy is a ball-shaped product that is made from EVA material, ensuring durability.
• Each ball generates a unique animal sound: bird (for the pink ball), frog (blue), and cricket (yellow) to keep your cat engaged.
• Powered by a built-in LR44 lithium battery and equipped with a high-sensitivity sounder, this toy is designed to respond to the smallest nudge from your feline friend.
• The product comes in a secure box.

• Simulates the sounds of animals to stimulate your cat’s hunting instincts, providing a fun and engaging experience.
• Useful in improving your cat's physical health and reducing chances of obesity by encouraging regular play and exercise.
• Easy to use with a built-in battery and high-sensitivity sounder, providing instant fun right out of the box (no additional setup or batteries required).

NOTE: The actual color of the product may slightly differ from the picture due to differences in display and lighting effects. Due to manual measurements, please allow a deviation of 1-3cm. Handle with care, as inappropriate handling may damage the high-sensitivity sounder.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Cats get a workout!

I've noticed a change in my cat's behavior for the better since purchasing the interactive cat balls. They're so much more active and the sounds definitely spark their hunting instincts.

Engaging but a bit finicky

The concept is fantastic and when it works my cat loves it. Unfortunately, there are times when the ball doesn't make any sound and I need to tap it a bit to get it started again. Also, the pink ball's color seems slightly off from the picture.

Perfect for indoor cats!

I was looking for something to keep my indoor cat, Whiskers, entertained and active. The interactive cat ball has been a game changer. The sounds are realistic, and the ease of use is a major plus.

Great idea with a couple of flaws

The animal sounds are quite convincing, and the ball size is perfect for my cat to bat around. My critique is that the sound mechanism can be a bit too sensitive, sometimes triggering when we walk by.

Good toy, but my cat's interest varies

This ball toy is well-made and makes realistic animal sounds. My cat, however, only seems interested in the bird sound and completely ignores the frog and cricket. I wish he loved them all equally, but it's still a solid product.