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Cell Phone Wireless Selfie Stick

Cell Phone Wireless Selfie Stick

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• Versatile wireless selfie stick with multiple uses including as a selfie stick, desktop live broadcast bracket, and mobile phone bracket.
• Compact mini design for easy storage.
• Highly compatible, adapting to 99.9% of smartphones.
• Adjustable angle with a rotating lock feature.
• Durable stainless steel material with anti-oxidation properties.
• Bluetooth 4.0 enabled for remote control picture taking.


• Dimensions: 185 X 45 X 38mm/7.28 X 1.77 X 1.5"
• Weight: 125g
• Mobile Phone Clip Distance: 58-92mm/2.28-3.62"
• Stretching Height: 67cm/26.38"
• Desktop Tripod Status: 31-63cm/12.2-24.8"
• Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 4.0
• Bluetooth Distance: 10m/32.81ft
• Power Supply Mode: Selfie Stick + Charging Cable
• Materials: ABS+Stainless Steel
• Available Colors: Black, White, Pink, Dark Green


• This wireless selfie stick serves multiple purposes, functioning as a selfie stick, a desktop live broadcast bracket, and a mobile phone bracket.
• Its mini design makes it easy to store and carry.
• The selfie stick is super compatible, adapting to 99.9% of smartphones on the market.
• The angle can be adjusted freely by rotating the lock.
• Made of stainless steel, the selfie stick is durable and resistant to oxidation.
• It features Bluetooth 4.0, allowing for remote control picture taking.


• Versatility: Can be used for various purposes, enhancing its value.
• Portability: Its compact design makes it easy to carry around.
• Compatibility: Adapts to almost all smartphones, making it a universal accessory.
• Adjustability: The rotating lock allows for free angle adjustment, providing flexibility in use.
• Durability: The stainless steel material ensures longevity and resistance to wear and tear.
• Convenience: Bluetooth 4.0 allows for remote control picture taking, enhancing user experience.


Please ensure to handle the selfie stick with care to avoid potential damage to your smartphone. When using the Bluetooth feature, ensure your device is within the specified range for optimal performance. Long press the power button for 3 seconds to activate the Bluetooth function. Search for the Bluetooth device name "Self ie Com1" for a successful connection. The Bluetooth has a memory function, which automatically matches the connected mobile phone when it is turned on.

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Customer Reviews

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Family Fun Times Capturer!

We got this selfie stick for our family trips, and it has been a blast! We've taken so many awesome group shots with it. The stretch height is perfect for including everyone, and the Bluetooth remote comes in handy. I was pleasantly surprised by the build quality for the price. Also, kudos for including dark green - my wife loves that color!

Good Stick but Bluetooth Could Be Better

This selfie stick has a solid build and the clamping mechanism works well with my phone. However, the Bluetooth 4.0 feels a bit dated and can be fickle at times with the connection. Also, To be honest, I forgot to long-press the power button the first few times to activate it - so make sure to read the note carefully. Overall, it?s okay for casual use.

Great for Solo Travelers

Taking this selfie stick on my solo travels has been a game-changer. It's compact enough to not be a nuisance, yet strong enough to hold my phone securely. The different uses make it a multi-tool for me. I only wish it had moisture resistance, as I am often outdoors and worried about damage from unexpected weather changes.

Easy Peasy for Non-Tech Savvy

I'm not great with technology, but this selfie stick made me feel like a pro! The setup instructions were clear, connecting my phone was a breeze, and the rotating lock feature feels secure. It's also really lightweight and fits into my handbag. If I can handle it, anyone can!

All-in-One Solution for Content Creators

For anyone creating content on the go, this is the accessory you need. It?s not just a selfie stick; it?s a stand for your live broadcasts and a reliable phone holder. The flexibility in height is crucial for my podcast recordings and Instagram lives. Pairing and re-pairing to Bluetooth is seamless, which I appreciate during busy shoots.