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Child Anti-fall Cushion Headrest With Cartoon Animal

Child Anti-fall Cushion Headrest With Cartoon Animal

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• This is an Anti-fall Cushion Headrest for children, featuring a fun cartoon animal design.
• The headrest is made of crystal suede and filled with high-elastic environmental protection PP cotton.
• It is ideal for use by 5-year-olds.
• It comes in a simple plastic bag and weighs around 170 grams.

• Dimensions: Approximately 40*19cm
• Weight: Approximately 170 grams
• Material: Crystal suede
• Filling: High-elastic environmental protection PP cotton
• Packing: Simple plastic bag

• This cushion headrest is specifically designed with a body shape conforming shoulder strap for ultimate comfort without being tight.
• It is designed to allow the baby's head to easily come in contact with it, assuring easy acceptance.
• In the event of a fall, it relieves impact effectively and protects the back of the baby’s head.
• The careful corner treatment ensures a more durable and non-deformable design.
• The size can be adjusted and is made of a soft, flexible material to cushion the baby's head and back during impact.

• Provides effective relief and protection from impact during falls.
• Designed to be comfortable and easily accepted by the baby.
• The adjustable size fits perfectly to provide the necessary protection.
• Its durable, non-deformable design ensures long-term use.
• Suitable for a child who does not prefer wearing a hat but still requires head protection.

NOTE: Although the cushion headrest is designed to reduce the impact, it does not guarantee total elimination of injury. Always supervise children during use, especially before they are able to walk independently. Regular checks for wear and tear are recommended and replace if necessary to ensure maximal protection.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
A Must-Have for Active Toddlers!

This Anti-fall Cushion Headrest has been a game-changer for my peace of mind! My 5-year-old is non-stop, and this headrest gives her the freedom to explore without me worrying every second. The cartoon animal design is adorable and she loves wearing it. It?s also super soft and clearly made of quality materials. Highly recommended!

Great Idea, Wonderful Quality

My son doesn't even notice he's wearing it because it's so comfortable. The quality is obvious and I appreciate the environmental focus in the materials chosen. It's been holding up well to wear and tear. Just remember, it's not a helmet but it's great for minor tumbles.

Lightweight and Effective

Light enough for my child to keep it on without a fuss and sturdy enough to ease my worry when he stumbles. The design is clever, and it stays in place thanks to the shoulder strap. Great buy for parents with a newly walking toddler.

Cute and Functional!

Absolutely love this headrest! It's not only adorable but surprisingly durable. The materials are soft yet protective, and it's been a lifesaver for my daughter who's just learning to walk. Fits her perfectly and the adjustable straps are a big plus.

Soft, Secure, and So Cute!

The Anti-fall Cushion Headrest is soft to the touch and doesn't irritate my daughter's skin. The fact that it's adjustable means it'll last as she grows, which is a huge plus. The cartoon animal is her favourite part, and she even uses it as a pillow during car rides!