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Children Mousse Toothpaste Food Grade Fluoride-free Anti-decayed

Children Mousse Toothpaste Food Grade Fluoride-free Anti-decayed

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• A kid-friendly mousse toothpaste in delicious fruity flavors.
• Packed health benefits promoting healthy gums and teeth.

• Flavors: Watermelon, Strawberry
• Weight: 95g
• Packaging Dimensions: 3.5cm x 3.5cm x 13.5cm
• Ingredients: Food Grade, Fluoride-Free

• This product is a children's toothpaste with a mousse-like consistency.
• The toothpaste comes in two tasty fruit flavors: watermelon and strawberry.
• Featuring a rich and fine foam, it is gentle on kids' delicate gums, making teeth brushing a fun and easy process.
• The container features an ergonomic press design, ensuring a convenient way to squeeze out just the right amount of toothpaste.
• The toothpaste is fluoride-free and poses no harm if swallowed in small amounts.

• Enhances oral health through promoting good brushing habits from a young age.
• The fruit flavors make it appealing to children, encouraging them to brush their teeth regularly.
• The creamy texture and foamy consistency ensure thorough cleaning without any harshness.
• Fluoride-free formula is safe to swallow in small quantities, eliminating worries about accidental ingestion.

NOTE: While this toothpaste does not contain fluoride and is safe to swallow in small amounts, it is not intended to be eaten and should be used for brushing teeth only. Adult supervision is strongly recommended during brushing to ensure children's safety.

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Customer Reviews

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Great taste, kids approve!

Both of my kids are fans of the strawberry flavor. They were always fussy about brushing, but now it's so much easier to convince them. The foam covers all their teeth, which gives me confidence that we're hitting every spot. Plus, it's nice to not stress over them accidentally ingesting some toothpaste.

Fun & fruity brushing experience

My son can be quite picky, but the fruity flavors of this mousse toothpaste made him look forward to brushing. The size of the packaging is also perfect for small hands. Highly recommend for any parent struggling with brushing time!

Say goodbye to brushing battles

Brushing used to be a nightmare, but not with this fruity mousse toothpaste! My little one is so excited to brush his teeth now and even asks to do it more than required. If you're a tired parent, this might be your solution.

Almost perfect for my kids

I've been on the hunt for a toothpaste that's kid-friendly and actually works. This mousse type does the trick. It?s easy to use and my kids love the fun flavors. I just wish there were more flavor options to choose from.

Wonderful for children with oral sensitivities

My child is very sensitive to textures and flavors, and traditional toothpaste was always an issue. This mousse toothpaste is the only product he's been able to tolerate, and the watermelon flavor is a big hit!