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Colton Shirt Collar

Colton Shirt Collar

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• The Colton Shirt Collar is a formal, dress-up collar complete with detachable tie, perfect for various formal occasions.
• It features a convenient velcro closure.
• Available in a pleasant blue colour, this collar comes in XXL and 3XL neck sizes.

• Material: 50% cotton, 50% satin
• Color: Blue
• Neck Size: XXL (18 inches), 3XL (25 inches)
• Closure Type: Velcro

• The Colton Shirt Collar is made of a half and half mix of cotton and satin, ensuring durability and a nice, smooth finish.
• It offers flexibility with its detachable tie adding flair to any attire.
• The collar uses a velcro closure, making it easy to put on and remove.
• It is available in a blue shade, adaptable to match various outfits.
• The XXL neck size measures at 18 inches, while the 3XL neck size is at 25 inches, catering to a range of sizes.

• Delivers a formal look with the additional detachable tie, perfect for all formal scenarios.
• The 50% cotton and 50% satin composition offers a comfortable, yet classy finish.
• Easy to wear and remove with the convenient velcro closure.
• Versatile blue color that works well with multiple outfits.
• The availability in XXL and 3XL sizes, ensures it caters to a wide range of neck sizes.

NOTE: Though the Colton Shirt Collar is easy to use, care should be taken when attaching and detaching the tie. Improper handling may cause the fabric to tear. Always adhere to proper cleaning methods for cotton and satin to ensure the longevity of the product.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Stylish and Functional

This collar gives you a sharp look without the hassle of traditional shirts. The fabric is comfortable, and the color is fantastic. The velcro concept is clever, though do be careful when attaching or detaching the tie. Overall, a smart purchase!

Classy Addition to My Wardrobe

I was thoroughly impressed with the Colton Shirt Collar. It's an elegant and effortless way to spruce up for any formal event. The blue hue is rich and versatile, working well with the majority of my suits. The velcro closure was incredibly convenient, allowing for quick dressing. Highly recommend for anyone needing a reliable formal accessory.

Impressed by the Quality and Comfort

The quality of the combination of cotton and satin is noticeable - it provides both comfort and a sleek look. My brother, who wears XXL, found the Colton Shirt Collar to be very comfortable and easy to wear. He did mention to handle the tie with care to avoid tearing at the velcro part.

Perfect for Formal Gatherings

The detachable tie feature of the Colton Shirt Collar is fantastic. It affords me the opportunity to mix and match with different ties I own, which is great for various occasions. The feel of the cotton-satin blend is comfortable around my neck, and the size XXL fits perfectly. This collar has received many compliments!

Velcro Troubles, But Still Good

I'm in two minds about the Colton Shirt Collar. The blue color is superb, and the fabric quality is undeniably top-notch. However, I've had some difficulty with the velcro sticking properly after several uses. It's a great idea, but it might need a sturdier closure mechanism.