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Conference Speakerphone Bluetooth Speaker

Conference Speakerphone Bluetooth Speaker

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- The Conference Speakerphone Bluetooth Speaker offers 360° HD full coverage for all your meeting needs.
- Equipped with a 4-mic array for comprehensive voice pickup and a high-quality speaker for sound distribution.
- Features full-duplex audio support for natural, rich sounds and smooth conversations.
- Intelligent noise canceling technology ensures clear communication by filtering out background noise and eliminating echo.
- Supports daisy-chained connection for larger meetings and offers multiple connection methods for adaptability.

- Dimensions: Not provided
- Weight: Not provided
- Materials: Not provided
- Speaker Power: 3W
- Connection Methods: USB-C, Bluetooth 5.0
- Compatibility: All mainstream operating systems and meeting platforms

- The 4-mic array allows for 360° voice pickup, ensuring everyone's audio can be picked up.
- The high-quality speaker ensures sound is spread to every corner of the room.
- Full duplex audio support produces natural, rich sounds, making conversations as smooth as in person.
- The latest VoiceIA audio algorithm filters out background noise and eliminates echo effectively.
- Two devices can be daisy-chained together to double the audio pickup radius and increase your meeting size up to 15 persons.
- Multiple connecting methods via USB-C, or Bluetooth 5.0 adapt for different meeting scenarios.
- The device is compatible with all mainstream operation systems and meeting platforms.
- Customize settings with ease via eMeetLink, where you can update the firmware.

- Ensures everyone in the meeting can participate and speak freely without worrying about the other party missing any crucial information.
- Provides the most immersive meeting experiences with its full-duplex audio support.
- Allows for larger meetings with its daisy-chained connection feature.
- Offers adaptability with its multiple connection methods.
- Ensures clear communication with its intelligent noise canceling technology.

- Please ensure to handle the device with care to avoid damage.
- Always ensure the device is properly connected to avoid interruptions during meetings.
- Regularly update the firmware via eMeetLink for optimal performance.
- The device should not be exposed to water or extreme temperatures.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Speaks Volumes for its Size

I've had this speakerphone for a few weeks now, and it's impressive how it fills the room with sound despite its smaller size. The noise canceling works great, making my consulting sessions much more professional. I've deducted a star because I wish it came with a carrying case for when I need to work from different locations.

Exceptional for Remote Meetings

Our team uses various meeting platforms and operating systems, and this speakerphone integrates seamlessly with all of them. The 4-mic array does not miss a single word, and the sound distribution is excellent. It's also very sleek and doesn't take much space on the table. The ability to update firmware for better performance is a bonus point.

Good Speakerphone with Minor Cons

The full-duplex audio support does make conversations sound natural, and I appreciate the multiple connections through USB-C and Bluetooth. However, I took off one star because the device lacks intuitive controls. Once you get used to it though, the sound quality and noise cancellation are indeed impressive.

Almost Perfect Conference Speakerphone

The audio quality is exceptional; my voice is always crystal clear, and the noise canceling is very effective. My only gripe is the lack of volume controls directly on the device, which means I sometimes have to adjust from my computer. Otherwise, it's been a solid addition to my work-from-home setup.

Decent but Room for Improvement

The audio quality is decent and the 360-degree voice pickup is a nice feature. However, handling the device can be quite delicate, and I'm always conscious of potential damage. The noise canceling is good, but it doesn't always filter out loud noises, which can be disruptive. Overall, it's a good device but could benefit from some improvements in durability and noise-canceling consistency.