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Customized USB LED 3D Lamp Bedroom Night Light

Customized USB LED 3D Lamp Bedroom Night Light

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• Customized USB LED 3D Lamp Bedroom Night Light
• Unique personalized lamp with 3D engraving
• Ideal for showcasing your favorite portrait or character
• Perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, studies, and gift occasions


• Power Source: USB
• LED Color: Multi-color
• Weight: Based on customization
• Material: Durable, transparent acrylic and LED lighting
• Customization: Accepts portraits and character images


• This personalized USB LED 3D bedroom nightlight allows you to have your favorite portrait or character illuminated in a stunning 3D effect.
• The process to order is easy: ensure your photo is clear, with the subject making up around 70% of the image, and has less than 10 characters.
• If the photo cannot be printed, our team will contact you directly.
• Constructed from transparent, durable acrylic, the lamp display is fitted with LED lights for vivid, long-lasting colors.


• Offers a unique way to showcase your favorite portrait or character
• Creates an immediate conversation starter in any room
• LED lights ensure long lifespan and energy efficiency
• Simple, fast customization; team ensures quality before print
• Perfect gifting option for special occasions.


If your photo is not clear, incomplete, has spots on the face, or the proportion of characters is too small, it will be deemed unqualified. Ensure to upload the best quality image, with more than 70% image occupancy, for excellent customization results. Our team will be on standby to assist if any image adjustments are necessary. Please avoid direct exposure to light and heat to keep the lamp durable.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Great Concept, Great Execution

Love the concept of turning a photograph into a 3D lamp. The finished product is pretty and gives off a nice, soft light. I shared this with my followers on social media and got tons of compliments. It also works as a night light. Only downside is that it mainly looks good in the dark.

Incredible Gift for My Wife!

I got this lamp with our wedding photo for our anniversary, and my wife was absolutely in love with it! The customization process was streamlined, and the quality of the acrylic is superb. The LED colors can be changed to match any mood. It's the perfect personalized gift!

Unmatched Personalization and Effect

The Customized USB LED 3D Lamp is a marvel of personalization. I chose an iconic image from my college days and it's been transformed into this eye-catching display. The multi-color LEDs create an amazing ambiance. Perfect for setting a personalized atmosphere or as a night light.

Memorable Gift That Wows!

This is the third time I've ordered this lamp as a gift for friends and family, and everyone is always blown away. The seamless fusion of personalized art with practical use is genius. The LED lights are subtle and the engraving detail is always impeccable.

Attractive Night Light, Slightly Pricey

This 3D lamp makes for an attractive night light, and the personalized aspect is a unique touch. The LED light is energy-efficient, which I appreciate. However, considering the competition, the price point is a bit high for the product. Nevertheless, it?s a worthwhile buy if you want something special.