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Cute Food Water Feeding Bowls

Cute Food Water Feeding Bowls

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• Colorful, aesthetically-pleasing pet feeding bowls
• Perfect for getting your pet excited about meal times

• Dimensions: 6" Diameter x 2.5" Height
• Weight: 0.8 pounds
• Materials: Non-toxic plastic material

• The food water feeding bowl comes in vibrant colors, catering to your pet's visual delight.
• Crafted from durable, non-toxic plastic, the bowl is safe for the pet's regular use.
• The bowl size is ideal for small to medium size pets and can hold up to 2 cups of dry food or water.
• It’s easy to clean- simply rinse it under warm water or pop it in the dishwasher.

• Fun and brightly colored design make meal times more enjoyable for your pets.
• Lightweight, portable, and durable, the bowl is perfect for home use or for taking on trips.
• The non-toxic material ensures your pet's safety.
• The product’s convenient size and easy-to-clean feature reduce hassle for pet owners.

These bowls are not recommended for aggressive chewers. Always monitor your pet while using this product to prevent potential choking hazards.

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Customer Reviews

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Visual Delight but A Bit Light

The colors are a feast for the eyes and add a pop to our kitchen. My pet adores them. The material is safe and hasn't caused any issues so far. However, they do not have a weighted bottom, so they move around a bit when she eats. Still great for regular use.

Mealtime made fun!

The colorful design is a treat to the eyes! My two medium-sized dogs use these bowls for both water and dry food. The bowls have been very easy to rinse or throw in the dishwasher. No signs of wear and tear yet - a durable choice for any pet parent.

Easy to Clean and Attractive

As someone who hates doing dishes, I love that I can just put these bowls in the dishwasher. They're attractive and don?t hold any odors, which is fantastic. For my lazy cat, they're more than adequate, though I suspect a more active pet might push them around some.

Good, but slides around

I'm pretty happy with these pet bowls overall. They're safe for my fur baby and clean up is a breeze. However, they do tend to slide around during meal times, but nothing a little non-slip mat can't fix. Otherwise, a great product!

Cute but light

The design of these pet bowls is undoubtedly adorable and I love how lightweight they are. Easy to clean, although, with the material being so light, my cat sometimes pushes it around the floor. Still, a solid choice for pet owners looking for a simple mealtime solution.