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Dinosaur Dogs Bib Scarf Adjustable Washable Dog Bandana Triangle Scarf

Dinosaur Dogs Bib Scarf Adjustable Washable Dog Bandana Triangle Scarf

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• Adorable and fun Dinosaur Dogs Bib Scarf
• Adjustable, Washable Dog Bandana Triangle Scarf
• Suitable for Small to Medium Cat, Puppy, Kitten
• Perfect addition to your pet’s wardrobe

• Dimensions: 40*28*28CM
• Weight: Lightweight (not specified)
• Material: Durable and washable fabric

• This Dinosaur Dogs Bib Scarf is cute and playful, adorning your pet with a fun dinosaur print.
• It takes the shape of an adjustable triangle scarf, offering a comfortable and perfect fit for your pet.
• Whether you have a small to medium cat, puppy, or kitten, this scarf will add that extra style to their look.
• Easy to clean and maintain, you can wash it regularly to keep it as good as new.

• Features a stylish and fun dinosaur print, making your pet the center of attention wherever they go.
• Adjustable fit ensures your pet's comfort and makes it suitable for pets of varied sizes.
• Utilizes durable, washable fabric for longer product life and easier upkeep.
• Ideal as an accessory for a range of pet breeds.

Always ensure the bandana is securely tied and cannot come loose or off during your pet's playtime or walks. Monitor your pet while wearing to avoid any chance of them getting caught or choked by the bandana. Clean regularly for the wellbeing and comfort of your pet. Never restrict your pet’s movement by adjusting the bandana too tightly. With its secure and durable design, this is an accessory your pet can enjoy safely with the right usage.

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Customer Reviews

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Chic and Easy Pet Fashion

I adore accessorizing my pets, and this scarf was an instant win for my little kitty. It's easy to put on and take off, washable, which is a must for me, and most importantly, it's super chic!

Adds a Roar to Your Pet's Wardrobe

This bandana has made our little pup the star of our local pet community. It fits well, the adjustable nature is extremely handy, and the material feels like it can withstand his puppy energy. Plus, it's ridiculously cute!

Adorable Print but Watch the Tie

The scarf makes my kitten look absolutely precious and the fabric seems durable. However, you need to make sure it?s tied securely as it came off a couple of times during our play sessions. I'd recommend keeping a close eye on your pet to avoid any safety issues.

Practically Perfect in Every Way!

This Dinosaur Bib Scarf is a winner! Barkley looks incredible, and he doesn't mind wearing it at all. The fabric quality is top-notch, which is great because Barkley is quite the explorer. It's a hit at doggy daycare!

Easy to Clean and Looks Great

A fantastic accessory for my terrier! The 40cm size is suitable for him, and the material is sturdy for daily wear. The dinosaur pattern looks as good after several washes as it did the day it arrived. Major style points for this bandana!