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DIY Homemade Making Music Open Reel Cassette Tape Kit

DIY Homemade Making Music Open Reel Cassette Tape Kit

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- A DIY Homemade Making Music Open Reel Cassette Tape Kit designed for music enthusiasts and hobbyists.
- Comes with a protective film on the surface to prevent scratches.
- Each pack contains 4 aluminium reels and 2 wheels for creating your own reel-to-reel cassettes.

- Dimensions: Diameter of 40mm
- Thickness: 0.2mm
- Weight: Not specified
- Materials: Aluminium

- The kit includes 4 aluminium reels and 2 wheels, sufficient for making one cassette.
- The reels come with a protective film on the surface, which should be carefully removed to avoid scratches.
- Please note that the kit does not include cases, glue, tapes, or other accessories.

- Allows you to create your own reel-to-reel cassettes, offering a unique DIY experience.
- The aluminium reels are durable and designed to last.
- The protective film ensures the reels arrive in pristine condition, free from scratches.

- The kit does not include cases, glue, tapes, or other accessories necessary for making a complete cassette. These items need to be purchased separately.
- The protective film on the reels should be carefully removed to avoid scratching the surface. Handle with care to prevent potential injury from sharp edges.

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Customer Reviews

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Exceptional DIY Craft

Nothing beats creating something with your own hands, and this kit allowed me to do just that. While it's true that you'll need extra accessories, I appreciated the excuse to shop for quality tape and glue. The final product has a special place in my collection.

Excellent Quality, Some Assembly Required

I loved the concept of assembling my own cassette, and the materials in this kit did not disappoint. The reels have a good weight to them, and the dimensions are perfect for a reel-to-reel setup. However, the lack of tapes or glue means you have a bit of a homework before you can actually use it. Still, it?s a worthy product for hands-on music lovers.

Nostalgic Quality, Missing Pieces

The nostalgia hit me when I received this kit. Assembling my own reel-to-reel tape felt like a blast from the past, and the quality of the reels impressed me. The downside is needing to buy other components. If you're not bothered by that, this kit is quite the gem.

Good Build, Scratches are a Risk

The DIY homemade music tape kit is a solid product. The aluminium is robust and gives my cassettes an authentic feel. Be cautious when peeling off the protective film as the aluminium can scratch if not handled properly, which happened to me unfortunately. Nonetheless, I'm happy with the ultimate results.

Impressed by the Quality

I've been fiddling with audio equipment for years and this kit's build quality is impressive. The aluminium reels are a thing of beauty, and they perform well. Make sure you have a steady hand when removing the film, it's a necessary step but worth the caution.