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Dog Sniffing Ball Toy Pet

Dog Sniffing Ball Toy Pet

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• Multifunctional PVC Dog Sniffing Ball Toy
• Provides hours of entertainment for dogs and cats, with high elasticity and luminous features
• Designed to relieve pet boredom when alone at home
• Lightweight and easy to carry - suitable for travel
• In-built button battery provides bright light for extra engagement
• Ideal toy for bonding and playtime
• Delightful bounce on impact for added fun in small spaces

• Material: Fleece
• Color: As depicted in the product images
• Size: 20cm

• The Sniffing Ball Toy is constructed from high-quality felt fabric, offering immense durability and remaining odourless
• Gentle on your pet's fur, ensuring they aren't injured during play
• Features a hidden compartment for snacks to promote sniffing training
• Suitable for dogs of all sizes, cats, rabbits and other pets of all breeds and ages
• Easy to use, simply hide snacks in the fabric for your pet to find
• Machine washable for convenience and hygiene

• Provides stimulating activity for pets to combat boredom
• Helps improve the bond between pet and owner through interactive play
• Trains your pet's sniffing ability which can help relieve stress
• Convenient to clean, ensuring a hygienic play environment for your pet

Please allow minor variances in the toy size, due to manual measurement. Be aware that color may vary from the picture due to differences in monitor settings. Always supervise your pet during playtime as no toy is indestructible. Regular cleaning is recommended to maintain hygiene.

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Customer Reviews

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Dog Whisperer Meg
Engaging and Easy to Clean

From a professional dog trainer perspective, this is an excellent playful learning tool. I've been using it for sniffing exercises, and it's gentle on the nose and paws, not to mention machine washable which is a big plus for me. Two paws up!

Good Toy but Minor Size Issue

The sniffing ball does keep my golden retriever occupied, but I find it slightly smaller than anticipated. The snacks compartment is a great idea, though. Just be sure to supervise larger breeds. Still, it's a decent product I'd recommend for small to medium dogs.

Interactive and Super Bouncy!

I use this sniffing ball to play fetch with my lab and she can't get enough of it. The bounce is fantastic even in small spaces, making it really fun for her. The added bonus is hiding her treats inside which doubles the fun. Highly recommend!

Fun Training Toy with a Snack Twist

This ball is a lifesaver. It keeps my dog busy, especially when I'm away. I hide his favorite treats inside, and he'll be sniffing and rolling the ball around the house for hours. The sniffing ball is gentle on his fur, and I've seen improvement in his sniffing skills!

Hygienic and Entertaining

The hygiene aspect of pet toys is important to me, and this one is so easy to keep clean. My poodle loves finding the hidden treats, and the fact that I can wash it regularly helps keep my mind at ease about germs. Also, the bright light is a hit!