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Dog Squeak Toy

Dog Squeak Toy

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• An interactive Dog Squeak Toy perfect for small to medium dogs.
• Made from fleece material, ensuring a soft and comfortable touch.
• Comes in three colors: yellow-green, yellow-brown, and beige-green.
• Not suited for aggressive chewers.


• Dimensions: 60X15CM
• Weight: Information not provided
• Materials: Fleece
• Origin: Mainland China


• The Dog Squeak Toy is meant to provide constant entertainment and interaction for your pet.
• Does not contain any smart devises.
• Designed in a unique 360° half-moon shape, encouraging the pet to stretch and sleep comfortably.
• This product does not come with a set.
• There is no logo or label on the product, attesting to its minimalist design.


• The toy can help with enrichment pet foraging, smell training, slow eating, and stress relief.
• The texture and sound made by the toy when played with stimulates the dog's senses.
• Ideal for keeping your pet entertained and engaged for long periods of time.
• The product assures high quality, confirmed by positive customer feedback.
• Discounts are available for customers purchasing in bulk, making it an economical choice for pet owners with multiple pets or breeders.

NOTE: The toy's dimensions are manually measured and may slightly vary due to different measurement methods. The toy is not suited for aggressive chewers and could present a choking hazard if torn apart. Always supervise your pet while playing with toys. Dispose of toy if severely damaged.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
A Soothing Toy for the Anxious Pooch

I've noticed a significant change in my dog's behaviour since introducing him to this squeak toy. He's less anxious and the interactive play has been a great outlet for his energy. It's also one of the only toys that helps him settle down for naps during the day, so it's been a wonderful addition to our home.

Overall Solid Purchase for My Pup

Our choice of the yellow-green squeak toy has been mostly positive. Love the size for my medium-size dog, Duke, and the fleece is much softer than I anticipated. The stimulation from the squeak has been great, though I do have to watch that Duke doesn't tear it up. It hasn't happened yet, but I'm cautious.

Doesn't Last with Chewers, But Great Otherwise!

I'd recommend the Dog Squeak Toy, but with some reservations. My retriever is moderately an aggressive chewer, and the warning was right; it?s not cut out for heavy chewers. Before that though, she had a blast and I liked that there were no pieces that could break off easily. I'll supervise her more closely next time!

Minimalist Design, Big Fun!

I'm a fan of the minimalist design without any logos or labels. It's refreshing! The toy itself has been fantastic for play and training with my Shiba Inu. She goes nuts for the squeak, and it?s softness means she can play without hurting her teeth. Bonus, it matches my living room!

Bulk Purchase Discount Was a Win!

I took advantage of the bulk discount and bought a bunch for my doggy daycare. These toys have been a hit, so much so that I've seen an improvement in group play dynamics. The dogs are all engaged, and the squeaks fill the yard. The half-moon shape seems to be a nice feature, as the dogs cuddle with them during nap time.