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Dog Toys Pet Flying Disk Training Ring

Dog Toys Pet Flying Disk Training Ring

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• This is an EVA pet pull ring, a dog toy designed as a flying disk training ring.
• The toy is durable, floatable, and designed to resist bites from your dog.
• The innovative design enables the bite marks to recover after being scalded by hot water.
• Available in vibrant colors: orange, red, and green.

• Dimensions: Features a small diameter of about 18cm
• Weight: The toy weighs about 60g
• Materials: Made from durable and lightweight EVA foam.

• The EVA pet pull ring is designed as a flying disk, serving both as a toy and a training aid for your dog.
• It is crafted from EVA foam that makes it lightweight and durable.
• The toy is ideal for playing fetch or for training in both water and land due to its floating capability.
• The unique material allows bite marks to be recovered when scalded by high temperature hot water, making it last longer.
• The fun colors orange, red, and green add extra appeal to the toy.

• Enhances your pet's agility and stamina through fun and games.
• The EVA foam construction ensures durability and resistance to regular bites.
• The toy's ability to float allows for playtime in water, expanding your dog's training and play boundaries.
• The unique recovery property prolongs the life of the toy, ensuring value for money.
• It's available in vibrant colors, making the toy easy to spot outdoors.

NOTE: Always supervise pet playtime and remove the toy if you notice any significant damage that may pose a safety hazard to your pet. Although the toy is designed with a bite-resistant material, it's not indestructible. Always be cautious when scalding the toy in hot water for bite mark recovery to avoid potential burns.

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Customer Reviews

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Agility Training Perfection

I was on the lookout for a toy that could aid in agility training, and this one certainly fits the bill. The flight path is consistent and it's really holding up to the wear and tear. Plus, the fun colors are a hit with my terrier.

A Must-Have for Energetic Pups

We've played with it every day since it arrived. It's more than just a toy; it's a training tool that has genuinely improved my dog's response times. Also, the weight is perfect for tossing. It's not too heavy, so I can throw it far.

Survived the Bulldog Test!

My bulldog usually destroys toys within hours, but the EVA pet pull ring's resistancy to bites has been a miracle. I love that I can restore it in hot water, although that can be tricky. Make sure you've read the safety note!

Decent Toy, But Requires Maintenance

I appreciate the durability and the lightweight design of this flying disk. However, having to scald it in hot water is a bit of a hassle every time my dog leaves bite marks. Be careful doing that part. It's a nice enough toy, but I wish it was a little less maintenance.

Durable and Doggo Approved

I've been through so many toys that claimed to be durable, but this one actually stood the test. It's stayed afloat, and the bite recovery feature is amazing. Sure saves money from not having to buy new toys all the time!