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Dogs and Cats Food Dispenser Tumbler

Dogs and Cats Food Dispenser Tumbler

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• Interactive food dispenser tumbler for dogs and cats
• Adjustable difficulty setting
• Constructed with a built-in labyrinth device for extended feeding time
• Designed with three air outlets for convenient food smell dispersion
• Available in two attractive colors: Green and Pink

• Dimensions: 4 " x 4.8"
• Material: Durable plastic
• Available Colors: Green, Pink

• The Cats and Dogs Treat Toy Tumbler is easy to fill - simply open the top cover and pour in the food.
• It is equipped with a unique labyrinth device, aim to expand food flowing time for prolonged engagement.
• The tumbler features three air outlets on top, aiding in food smell distribution and keeping your pet interested.
• The tumbler has an adjustable barrier design that gives you control over the speed of the food spreading.
• It comes in two appealing colors: green and pink, and is the size of 4 " x 4.8", perfect size for your pets to play with.

• Provides a fun and interactive way to feed your pet their favorite snacks
• The adjustable difficulty level helps keep your pet engaged and challenged over time
• Designed with durable materials for long-lasting use
• Helps reduce anxiety and keeps your pet entertained while you are away

NOTE: Ensure to open the top cover carefully while filling food, to avoid any spillage or waste. Also, adjust the food flow appropriately to prevent your pet from eating too quickly, choking hazard could occur. Lastly, it is recommended to clean the tumbler regularly to ensure hygiene.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Almost Bulldog-Proof!

My bulldog is a tough guy and most toys won't last a day with him. This tumbler has stood up well to his rough play. It dispenses treats unpredictably, which keeps him guessing. The difficulty adjustment was a bit tricky at first, but now that I've got it set, it's a non-issue.

A Must-Have for Feline Friends

At first, I was skeptical about whether my cats would take interest, but the air outlets really draw them in. Both my cats are now more active during the day, and it's hilarious watching them bat the tumbler around. I just wish it were a bit heavier so it wouldn't roll under furniture.

A Lifesaver for Busy Pet Parents!

As a busy mom, I often worried about my pets feeling lonely. This food dispenser keeps them busy and reduces their anxiety. It's easy to use, and I love that it's not just a toy but also helps them eat slowly and healthily. The pink one is adorable!

Engaging Puzzle Toy for My Pooch

Impressive design! The labyrinth feature inside the tumbler makes my dog's snack time like a fun puzzle to solve. It's sturdy and easy to clean, which is a huge plus. Also, it's small enough to take on trips, so it's become a regular part of our packing list.

Keeps my cat entertained for hours!

The treat toy tumbler is a lifesaver. I use it to slow down my cat's eating, and it's really helped with her digestion. The smell outlets are a smart touch; she gets excited as soon as she notices the scent. It's also very durable. Only wish there were more color options!