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Electric Octopus Cat Toys

Electric Octopus Cat Toys

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Introducing our Electric Octopus Cat Toy. It's an engaging toy designed for both your feline friend and you. Perfect for land and water, this pull-push clockwork toy is enjoyable even when no electricity is in sight. With bright, appealing colors and an appealing octopus design, this toy is certain to catch your pet's attention.

• Dimensions: 21*11*10cm
• Weight: Not specified
• Material: Plastic
• Color: Blue-Purple

• This versatile toy can function as a push-pull on land and swim in water, offering a diverse, playful experience.
• The octopus toy functions using a simple mechanism: twist the forwarding bar clockwise, put it on the ground, and watch it start crawling.
• It features a finely treated, soft surface devoid of edges or burrs, ensuring your pet's safety.
• The vivid blue-purple hues paired with the cute octopus design works efficiently to pull your pet's attention.

• Offers non-electrical fun: Works excellently on land as a push-pull toy and in water as a swimming toy.
• Safe for use: With its soft, burr-less surface, you can rest assured that your pet won't get hurt.
• Attracts pets: Its bright design effectively engages pets, keeping them entertained for hours.
• Doubles as an ideal gift: Thanks to its fun and interactive nature, it serves as a perfect gift for cat-owners during holidays.

During usage, turn the chain clockwise but be careful not to use too much force to prevent damaging the toy. It is recommended for pets' supervised play to ensure safety.

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Customer Reviews

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Fun, But Requires Supervision

I purchased this for my daughter's cats, and they've been having a blast. Though I must agree with the manufacturer's suggestion of supervised play; the twisting mechanism might be mishandled by overly enthusiastic pets.

Excellent Engagement Toy

As an owner of three active cats, finding toys that last and keep them engaged is a task. This Electric Octopus Cat Toy does both beautifully. It's been a few weeks, and the interest hasn't waned. The build is decent and the swimming feature is a bonus!

Attractive and Entertaining Toy

I gifted my friend's cat this toy and it has been such a hit! The pet is usually very picky but took to this toy right away. It's nice to see a toy that doesn't rely on batteries or electric power and still provides plenty of entertainment.

Good Toy, But My Cats are Divided

The toy is pretty lightweight and the mechanism is simple to use. My younger cat loves chasing it around, but my older cat seems indifferent. The colors are vibrant and the land-water functionality is a bonus point.

An Instant Favorite for My Fur Babies

I bought this toy out of curiosity and I'm glad I did! My cats absolutely love it. They push it into the water and wait for it to swim out. It's quite durable and surprisingly the color hasn't faded despite the rough play. A must-buy for cat lovers!