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Electric Pellets Lint Remover

Electric Pellets Lint Remover

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• This is an Electric Pellets Lint Remover designed to instantly remove and collect excess lint from clothing.
• It uses a rotating inner, and incorporates a safe fabric guard.
• This fabric shaver is powered by a USB interface and gives old clothes a new look.

• Product Name: Electric Pellets Lint Remover (wool ball clothes)
• Power Supply Mode: USB interface
• Charging Voltage: 5V
• Rated Power: 8W
• Residence Time or Charge Duration: 3-4 hours
• Charging Current: 1A
• Working Voltage: 3.7V
• Battery Capacity: 1200mA
• Overall Size: 78x63x130mm/3.07 *2.48 *5.12 inches

• The product is designed to remove lint and fluff balls from fabrics safely and effectively.
• This fabric shaver operates via a rotating inner functionality that collects all the excess lint that it removes.
• It features a fabric guard that prevents damage to your clothing, ensuring safe and confident use.
• The electric lint remover has a removable storage compartment, making it easy to discard collected lint.
• This lint remover is powered by universal USB fast charging for easy and convenient usage.

• Revives old clothes by instantly removing fuzz, pills, and pellets.
• Safe on all fabrics and does not damage clothing or hands thanks to its specially designed guard.
• Convenient and portable, ensuring you can maintain your clothes while on the go.
• Easy to use, simply open and run it on the fabric, one pass is often enough to remove all excess lint.
• USB charging ensures easy, quick, and convenient charging without the need for conventional batteries.

This product contains rotating parts which cause injury if not handled carefully. Keep it out of reach of children. After operation, always remember to turn off and safely store the device. Do not operate the fabric shaver on wet clothing or use it in a wet environment to avoid the risk of electric shock.

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Customer Reviews

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Just had to share how impressed I am with this lint remover. It's super easy to handle and I can take it anywhere since it's USB chargeable. It spares me a trip to the dry cleaners just to clean up my clothes that have gotten a bit fuzzy. Honestly, this little tool is a staple in my wardrobe maintenance kit now.

Quiet and powerful

This is one of the quieter fabric shavers I've tried, which is a huge plus for me. I can tidy up a garment while watching TV without any annoying buzzing sounds. It's also powerful enough to go through layers of lint without causing wear and tear on my clothes.

No more disposable batteries!

I've used battery-operated lint shavers before and this is a game-changer. The USB charging feature means I can use my computer to charge it and it's ready for several sessions. It's super effective on my wool coats and leaves them looking fresh. A must-have for anyone who cares about their wardrobe.

Very handy gadget

This lint remover works well on various fabric types without any hassle. Charged it once and it lasted through several uses before needing a recharge. The rotating inner makes it effective and it's satisfying to see my clothes looking well-cared for. A good product that does what it says.

Travel-friendly and efficient

I travel a lot for work and like to keep my appearance sharp. I was pleasantly surprised at how well the fabric guard works - no nicks on my clothes. The compact size fits perfectly in my carry-on. It's become as valuable as my travel iron.