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Electronic Ignition Camping Stove

Electronic Ignition Camping Stove

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• Retractable, portable camping stove – easy for transportation
• High power and quick heating time – can boil 1L water in 4 minutes
• Made of durable materials - stainless steel and aluminum alloy
• Convenient for outdoor camping, domestic use, or commercial purposes
• Accommodates 3-5 people

• Dimensions (Unfolded): 16cm x 16cm x 19cm
• Dimensions (Folded): 9.5cm x 9.5cm x 9.5cm
• Weight: Not specified
• Materials: Stainless Steel, Aluminum Alloy
• Combustion Power: 2800W
• Ignition Mode: Electronic Ignition, Using High-quality Ceramic Ignition Needle
• Fuel Type: Butane
• Gas Consumption: about 100g/hr

• The camping stove comes with retractable legs and brackets for easy transportation and storage.
• This stove is equipped with a powerful combustion power of 2800W that ensures fast heating.
• Made from a blend of high-quality stainless steel and aluminum alloy, this stove has durable construction.
• Its dimensions when unfolded are 16cm in length, 16cm in width, and 19cm in height.
• When folded, the stove takes a compact form with dimensions, 9.5cm x 9.5cm x 9.5cm.

• Portable design makes the stove perfect for camping or outdoor cooking
• Rapid heating time ensures your meals are prepared quickly
• Durable materials provide longevity and durability
• Easy ignition means no need for matches or lighters
• Wide variety of cooking options from frying to stewing

NOTE: Although the camping stove is easy to use, caution must be exercised when handling it as its 2800W power provides a very strong fire. Always ensure to open the gas valve before pressing the igniter. When adjusting the gas valve, turn counterclockwise to increase the gas, and clockwise to decrease it. Also, remember to observe color discrepancies due to light and screen settings, and allow for minor dimension variations due to manual measurements.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Restaurant Quality Meals, Even Outdoors!

This camping stove hasn't let me down when making more elaborate meals on the go. The aluminum alloy helps with heat distribution, and the stainless steel is easy to clean. It's become an essential part of my camping kit!

A Game Changer for Campsite Cooking!

Impressed by the sturdiness and how well it performed under various weather conditions. Boiled water in just a few minutes, and adjusting the flame was simple, although it took a little practice. The stove is solid ??definitely built to last.

Solid Build but Some Details Off

The build is solid, and the design is smart for space-saving. While I love the quick heating time, be aware that the weight is not specified, which I found a bit inconvenient pre-purchase. The stove can be quite aggressive in its flame, so start low and increase gradually.

Compact Powerhouse with Minor Flaws

Loved the compactness of this stove; it's a true space-saver. However, as a frequent solo camper, I think it's meant for larger groups since it's quite powerful. Had an issue with the gas consumption being higher than I'd like. Great if you need to cook for several people, though!

Good, But Be Cautious with the Flame

This stove is pretty powerful for its size, and I love how quickly it heats up. However, on my first use, I didn't expect such a strong flame - almost scorched my pan! Once you get the hang of the valve control, it's a great stove. Also, keep in mind that the actual color of the stove may vary slightly from the pictures.