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Fire Blow Pipe Telescopic Camping Blow Fire Tube Blower

Fire Blow Pipe Telescopic Camping Blow Fire Tube Blower

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• This Fire Blow Pipe is an essential tool for any outdoor enthusiast or those looking to enhance their BBQ cooking.
• The portable, telescopic blowpipe is also an ideal ingredient for a survival kit and can be used for disaster preparedness.

• Dimensions: 63.50X1.60X1.60cm when fully extended, retractable for easy storage
• Weight: Lightweight, exact weight unspecified
• Material: Crafted from robust and durable stainless steel
• Color: Silver

• This Fire Blow Pipe is perfect for camping, BBQs, and other outdoor activities, as well as for survival and disaster preparedness.
• It's a convenient, small-sized fire-extinguishing tool that can be used to light bonfires, barbecues, and other fires.
• The blowpipe is retractable into six sections, with a total length of 63 cm when fully extended.
• This intelligent design keeps your eyes away from smoke when in use.
• The Fire Blow Pipe does not require much force to blow sufficient oxygen into the fire, making it effortless to use.
• Its improved design at both ends ensures you don't hurt your mouth when using it.

• Compact size makes it easy to carry, ideal for camping and outdoor activities.
• Telescopic design means it can be extended and retracted as needed, enhancing convenience.
• Helps effectively oxygenate fires, improving their size and heat.
• Safe and user-friendly, keeping your face away from the smoke and ensuring the ends are smooth to prevent mouth injuries.

Please exercise caution while using this Fire Blow Pipe. Never put your face or hands too close to the fire while using it. Children should use this tool under adult supervision. The pipe gets hot during prolonged use, so handle with care to avoid burns. Keep dry when not in use to maintain its stainless-steel body.

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Customer Reviews

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Up Your BBQ Game with This

I'm always looking for gadgets to make my BBQs stand out. This fire blow pipe is now my secret weapon. It's proven indispensable for controlling my charcoal grill. The length is perfect to keep smoke and heat at a comfortable distance. A cool, innovative tool every griller should have.

Essential Tool for Every Camper!

Just tried out this Fire Blow Pipe on a weekend camping trip and it was a game changer! It was so much easier and faster to get the campfire going without getting a face full of smoke! The fact that it's lightweight and collapses down is ideal for packing light. Solid construction means I'm not worried about it breaking after a couple of uses.

Sturdy and Functional

I've incorporated this fire blow pipe into my survival training programs. It's incredibly effective in providing oxygen to your fire without getting too close to it. The smooth ends are a nice touch for safety. The only drawback is without any insulation, it does conduct heat, so caution is necessary.

Great Idea, But Watch the Heat

I love the idea of a compact, extendable fire blow pipe, and it does help with the fire. However, the heat transmission is more than I expected ??got a bit of a surprise after using it for a while. Handle this with care!

A Must-Have for Open Fire Cooking

This little blowpipe has saved us time and energy when cooking over an open fire during our RV trips. It's very straightforward to use and does a great job at stoking the flames. My only quibble is that it could have come with a protective sleeve. Otherwise, it's a superb tool.