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Foldable USB 5v solar panels battery

Foldable USB 5v solar panels battery

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- High-tech, foldable USB solar panel battery charger with SunPower Maxeon technology for fast charging
- Features Smart IC CHIP technology for safe and efficient charging
- Compact, portable design with IPX4 waterproof technology, perfect for outdoor use
- Wide compatibility with most USB devices
- Comes with a free hook for easy attachment to backpacks

- Power Source: SunPower Maxeon solar panels
- Output: 5V, USB
- Compatibility: Majority of USB devices (iPhone series, iPad, Kindle Fire, Galaxy tablets, Galaxy S, GPS, Camera, tablets, etc.)
- Design: Compact, foldable, with IPX4 waterproof technology
- Additional Features: Smart IC CHIP technology, voltage stabilization, free hook for portability

- The solar panel battery charger uses SunPower Maxeon technology to automatically adjust the current and voltage for maximum power, ensuring the fastest possible charge.
- It is equipped with Smart IC CHIP technology and a safety feature that detects the best or maximum charging requirement of your device, allowing for safe and fast charging.
- The charger has a compact, portable design and comes with a free hook, making it easy to hang on your backpack when outdoors.
- With IPX4 waterproof technology, robust canvas surface, and sturdy stitching, it can withstand various weather conditions.
- The charger can simultaneously charge two USB devices and is compatible with a wide range of mobile phones, tablets, and other USB devices.

- Fast and efficient charging with SunPower Maxeon technology and Smart IC CHIP technology
- Safe charging with voltage stabilization and device-specific charging detection
- High portability due to its compact, foldable design and free hook
- Durability and weather resistance with IPX4 waterproof technology and robust construction
- Wide compatibility allows for charging of most USB devices

- Before using, please check the model, size, voltage, and power of your original adapter to ensure compatibility.
- Close the laptop before charging. The solar panel is designed for emergency use and is not a primary source of charging for laptops.
- For Apple devices, if your iPhone shows "this item is not supported," unplug the USB cable and place the charger in direct sunlight. This is due to Apple's security system.

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Customer Reviews

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Decent Device, but Expect Longer Charging Times

The charger is very handy for outdoor trips. It's great that it can withstand light rain with the IPX4 waterproofing. However, the charging time can be longer than advertised, especially on cloudy days or if not in direct sunlight. It's good, just not great.

Solid Performance, But Bulky When Folded

The performance of the solar charger is solid. It charges my iPhone and Kindle without issue. However, even though it's foldable, it feels a bit bulkier than I expected when packed. It's not a dealbreaker, but I'd love to see a more compact version in the future.

Great Charge on the Go

I've been using this solar panel charger for a few weeks now on my hiking trips, and it's been a lifesaver. The fact that it's foldable and waterproof makes it perfect for the outdoors. It charges my GPS and phone quickly, keeping me connected even in remote areas. The included hook is a thoughtful touch for attaching it to my backpack.

Perfect for Tech Lovers Who Enjoy the Outdoors

The compatibility of this charger impressed me. It works with all my gadgets, and the charging speed is quite fast, thanks to the Smart IC CHIP technology. The waterproof feature is a bonus for unpredictable weather. My husband and I fight over who gets to use it!

Great Charger, but Read the Instructions

Make sure you read the instructions, particularly for Apple products. I had a bit of trouble at first, but after re-adjusting, it charged my devices under direct sunlight without problems. I respect this as an alternative energy source, but remember it's for emergencies and not your primary charger.