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GPS Wireless Dog Fence

GPS Wireless Dog Fence

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• This latest version of the GPS Wireless Dog Fence offers a flexible control radius up to 1000 meters for keeping your pets secure.
• Its adjustable collar fits all size dogs (9-27 inches) and includes a reflective fluorescent fabric for improved safety in low-light conditions.
• It comes with the added convenience of IP65 water resistance, allowing your pets to play even in rainy or snowy days.

• Maximum control distance: 1000 meters
• Minimum control distance: 30 meters
• Collar size: Adjustable for dogs 9-27 inches
• Water resistance: IP65
• Battery Capacity: Built-in 400MAH lithium battery
• Charging: Intelligent charging via a magnetic interface

• This GPS dog fence is easy to setup — simply long press the power button and the system will begin searching for GPS.
• Adjustable safety settings let you control the safe radius distance and set beep, vibration and shock strategies.
• The fence system is also equiped with a dual frequency for precise location and a Beidou receiving chip for enhanced signal reliability.
• The package includes installation instructions for the contact probes and silicone cap to protect your dog from low voltage shock.

• Provides a wide, customizable, cordless boundary ranging from 15 to 999 yards in radius for your pet's safety.
• Reflective fluorescent fabric collar enhances visibility and safety at night.
• The IP65 water resistance feature offers freedom for your pet to have fun even in wet weather.
• Magnetic charging ensures easy and quick recharging of the device.
• The newly updated silicone cap minimizes the stimulation of the shock to your dog, ensuring their comfort and safety.
• The system helps in managing common pet owner troubles like unwanted barking, running off, and sleep disruption due to night-time noise.

Please ensure to test the GPS collar and its functions before using it with your dog. Ensure the contact probes are properly installed and tightened. The silicone cap should be well positioned to protect your dog. Always keep an eye on your pet when initially using this product to observe any negative reactions. User caution is advised, improper use may result in harm to your pet.
Product comes with certificate display. Check details against the certificate for authenticity. Always consult the user manual for proper and safe use. Note that battery life may vary based on usage and settings.

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Customer Reviews

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Freedom with Peace of Mind!

I got the GPS Wireless Dog Fence two weeks ago and it's made a world of difference for us. The adjustable control radius is brilliant; it gives my energetic German Shepherd enough space to run around in our large backyard, without worrying about him wandering off. Setting up the GPS was a breeze, and the waterproof feature has already been tested during a surprise rain shower. Love that I can recharge the collar easily with the magnetic charging interface. Definitely worth the investment!

Peaceful Nights, Happy Dogs

I used to have issues with my dogs barking at critters at night and trying to chase them, resulting in sleepless nights. With the GPS Wireless Dog Fence, they've learned quickly where the boundaries are, and the nights have become much more peaceful. Plus the battery lasts quite some time, which is a bonus.

Functional and Durable!

Our Border Collie is full of energy and needs a lot of room to play. The system's large radius suits him perfectly, and the waterproofing is a lifesaver since he loves water. I wish the battery would last a bit longer on the shock setting, but the magnetic charger compensates by being fast and efficient.

Effective Fencing Solution

This GPS system is a game-changer for our mischievous Labrador. The shock is humane with the silicone cap, and I noticed it corrected his behavior efficiently. The water resistance is a great plus since he loves to play in the sprinklers. Four stars because the battery life isn't as long as I'd hoped, but it's still a solid product.

Excellent Solution for Large Yards

Our yard spans a few acres, and this product is the first dog fence that's given us peace of mind. The wide and customizable boundary means our Golden Retriever has plenty of room to explore safely. The dual frequency technology is fantastic for keeping the GPS pinpoint accurate. Highly recommend!