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Handmade Christmas Small Dog Hair Bows Rubber Band Cat Hair Clips

Handmade Christmas Small Dog Hair Bows Rubber Band Cat Hair Clips

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• High-quality, handmade Christmas pet hair bows suitable for small dogs and cats.
• These exclusive hair bows come in mixed colors and styles, perfect for the holiday season.
• They not only add aesthetics but also provide functionality by keeping long pet hair in place.

• Dimensions: Approximately 2-3cm/0.8-1.2" in width
• Quantity: Contains a set of 10 pieces
• Colors: Assorted styles and colors

• These exquisite Christmas pet hair bows are handmade, showcasing excellent craftsmanship.
• The product offers a wide range of mixed colors and unique styles, providing pet owners with a variety of options to match their mood or theme.
• Each package contains ten pieces of these small, adorable pet bows.
• They are designed to fit securely on small dogs and cats with long hair.
• Apart from being fashionable accessories, they can also keep your pet's long hair in check, providing dual functions.

• Adds a festive charm and style to your pet's look with their colorful and trendy designs.
• Provides utility by helping maintain and manage your pet's long hair.
• Increases the visibility of your pet, aiding in their identification.
• Suitable for any occasion and season, giving you a fun and creative way to dress up your pet.
• Lightweight and comfortable for your pet, ensuring no discomfort or irritation.

NOTE: Although the hair bows are crafted to be comfortable for pet use, it is crucial to monitor your pet while they are wearing them. The products are small in size and, if swallowed, may pose a choking hazard. Also, please remember to remove the hair bows before bedtime to ensure the pet's comfort and safety.

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Customer Reviews

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Elegant but requires supervision

These hair bows are elegant and well-crafted. They do add a nice touch of cheer and elegance to my Persian cat's fluffy hairdo. However, you do need to keep a close eye as they might try to pull them off and chew on them. Safety first, but these bows do make for a pretty holiday-themed pet accessory!

Beagle-Approved Bows!

I decked my beagle out with these bows for our Christmas card photo, and let me tell you, they were a hit. The colors are vibrant and the designs varied enough to give a good mix. Plus, they're lightweight, which means she was fine wearing them for longer periods.

Festive and Functional!

I absolutely adore these Christmas pet hair bows! Each piece is handmade with such detail and the colors really pop on my little terrier's fur. They're small but effective at keeping her hair out of her eyes, and they seem comfortable for her to wear. Love the assorted styles, it's like a new gift for every day of the holiday week!

Adorable and Perfectly Sized

I was skeptical about putting bows on my cat, but these are just so adorable and the perfect size. They're light enough that my cat doesn't mind them and the colors are so cheerful. Turns out, my cat can play dress up too, and she looks super cute!

Great for Dapper Dogs!

As a proud dad of a dapper little doggo, these Christmas bows add just the right amount of flair! They secure nicely and don't seem to annoy him, which is a huge plus. They've also done a good job of keeping his long hair tidy. Remember to keep an eye on your pet, though, just in case they get a little too curious about their new accessory.