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Hanging Neckfan Mute Multifunctional Leafless Electric Fan

Hanging Neckfan Mute Multifunctional Leafless Electric Fan

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• A hands-free, wearable neck fan designed for comfort and convenience.
• Features a unique leafless design for safety, making it suitable for all ages.
• Offers a low noise operation, ensuring minimal disturbance.
• Provides a long running time with adjustable speeds for personalized comfort.
• Compact and lightweight, ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.


• Dimensions: 7.8 * 7.8 * 2.4 INCH
• Weight: 7.01 OZ
• Material: Eco-friendly ABS
• Voltage Working Range: 5-9 (V)
• Wattage: 5 Watt
• Battery Capacity: 1800mAh
• Running Time: 3-16 hours
• Interface Type: USB-C
• Additional Features: Dust and sweat proof


• The Hanging Neckfan is designed as a headphone, freeing your hands for other tasks.
• Its leafless design ensures safety, preventing hair from getting caught in the fan blades.
• With 22 air outlets around the neck, it provides cooling for the entire face.
• The fan's motor generates minimal noise, as low as 36 dB, for a quiet operation.
• The fan speed can be adjusted by pressing the power button, providing 6-10 working hours depending on the speed.
• The fan is lightweight, weighing only about 7.01OZ, reducing strain on the neck.


• Hands-free design allows for multitasking in hot weather.
• Safe for children and the elderly due to its leafless design.
• Provides a cool breeze for the entire face with 22 air outlets.
• Offers a quiet operation, making it suitable for work or study environments.
• Adjustable fan speed ensures personalized comfort.
• Lightweight and compact design makes it easy to carry for outdoor activities.


Please ensure the fan is securely placed around the neck before use. Avoid contact with water to prevent damage to the fan. Although the fan is designed to be dust and sweat proof, it is recommended to clean it regularly for optimal performance. Always use the provided USB-C cable for charging to prevent damage to the battery.

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Customer Reviews

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Compact, Powerful, and Easy to Use

This wearable neck fan is surprisingly powerful for its size. I use it while walking my dog, and it really keeps me comfortable. It?s really easy to charge and operate, though sometimes I wish the running time was a bit longer. It?s still an excellent product for anyone looking to stay cool while on the move.

Quiet and Effective - A Must Buy

This neck fan is a game-changer for anyone who works outdoors. It's whisper-quiet, so I?m not distracted while on the job, and it really moves air despite being bladeless. I've found the battery life to be reliable, even on those long, hot days. It?s eco-friendly too, which is a huge plus in my book.

Perfect Companion for My Summer Runs!

I've been using this wearable neck fan on my morning runs, and it?s made such a difference in the summer heat. I can feel the air all around my face and neck without any noise. It's not perfect; the speed adjustment button can be a bit fiddly with sweaty hands, but it?s a solid product overall.

Efficient Cooling for Outdoor Sports

Using this neck fan has improved my disc golf experience dramatically. The adjustable speeds allow me to select the perfect amount of coolness, and having it hands-free means I can focus on my game entirely. It's a durable device too, and it's held up well against my outdoor adventures.

Cool Breeze Anywhere, Anytime

My husband gifted me this neck fan for my gardening, and it's been a delight. The leafless design is brilliant - no worries about debris. The fan is quite powerful, although I do find it a tad uncomfortable after wearing it for more than a couple of hours. Overall, it's been a wonderful asset in the heat.