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Inflatable Air Pillow

Inflatable Air Pillow

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• Soft, inflatable air pillow for enhanced comfort
• Easy to clean and does not require a pillow case
• Conveniently foldable and portable for perfect mobility
• Virtually odorless for delightful use
• Most suited to inflate to 90% of capacity for optimal comfort

• Materials: Soft flocking on PVC surface
• Dimensions: Available in 34x22cm or 27x43cm
• Thickness: PVC18 before flocking, 25 after flocking
• Mini pump: Made from PP material, weighs 24g, size is 17.5x3cm, color is random
• Package includes: 1 inflatable pillow or 1 inflatable cylinder

• The inflatable air pillow features soft, flocked PVC material for a delicate touch that pampers your skin and neck.
• It does not require a pillow case, making cleaning a breeze to maintain hygiene.
• With a foldable design, the product is easily portable, making it ideal for camping trips or other outdoor activities.
• The product is virtually odorless, ensuring a pleasant and comfortable experience.

• Provides a soft and comfortable rest experience for the neck to prevent strain
• Designed for easy cleaning, increasing the hygiene factor
• Compact and foldable design allows for easy transportation and storage
• Practically odorless for a more comfortable sleep experience

NOTE: Please be aware that the product sizes are 34x22cm and 27x43cm. The product is suitable for both adults and children. It's recommended to read through product sizes before purchasing. If you require a larger pillow, visit the store for more options as larger pillows are also available.

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Customer Reviews

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Supportive and Hygienic Sleep Solution

Dealing with chronic neck pain made me try this inflatable pillow. I must say I'm impressed. It keeps my neck at a good angle, and I wake up pain-free. The fact that I don't need a pillowcase means I keep it cleaner than typical pillows. It's a win-win for me.

Portable and Durable

I've taken this pillow with me on multiple camping trips and even to a music festival. It's held up to the wear and tear remarkably well. Folds up so it barely takes space. The material feels soft and yet it's thick enough to withstand rough grounds. It's a solid piece of gear.

Super comfy and portable!

Received this inflatable pillow and I must say it's been a game changer for camping trips! The flocked PVC is really soft against the skin so I don't miss having a pillow case. Cleaning is so easy. Inflating to 90% as recommended gives me the perfect amount of support. It folds up so small, it's always in my backpack now!

Comfort in the wilderness

This inflatable pillow is just what I needed for my backpacking trips. The softness is a nice touch, and it's super lightweight. Being able to fold it down so small is amazing. No smells and easy to spot clean. Terrific product!

Goodbye stiff necks!

I'm a side sleeper and this pillow has been a blessing. I keep it at 90% inflation, and it supports my neck perfectly. The size options are helpful, I went with the 34x22cm and it's just right for me. Love how I can just wipe it clean!