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Intelligent Dog Cat Detector Infrared

Intelligent Dog Cat Detector Infrared

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• This product is an Intelligent Dog Cat Detector Infrared Motion Sensor Water Fountain Filter Dispenser.
• It's an energy-saving accessory designed to increase your pet's water intake by only dispensing water when the pet comes close to the fountain.

• Dimensions: 45 x 45 x 30mm/1.77 x 1.77 x 1.18in
• Weight: Information not provided
• Materials: ABS
• Input: USB plug-in
• Working Voltage: 5V
• Output current: 2A
• Sensing range: 0.1-3 meters, 180 degrees straight ahead

• This innovative pet accessory helps to improve your pet's hydration by only activating the water dispenser when the pet is within the sensor range.
• Upon detection, the dispenser filters water for 30 seconds before going on standby.
• The censor can be used with any water dispenser with a USB interface.
• It includes a 1.8-meter output line and a 30cm input line.
• The infrared sensor also completes four filter cycles every day, every six hours, to ensure clean water.

• Enhances pet hydration habits by attracting pets to drink more water.
• Energy-efficient design that extends the service life of the filter element and water pump.
• Silent operation won't disturb you or your pet.
• Maintains clean drinking water for your pet through regular filter cycles.

NOTE: The sensor must be placed on a glossy or smooth surface, as it doesn't adhere to matte surfaces or floors. It can be attracted to the fountain body of WF060. This package doesn't include a water dispenser.

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Customer Reviews

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A Must Have for Pet Owners

Our family's golden retriever used to knock over the water bowl. Since installing this sensor, she's been more attentive and drinks properly. It's been a week, and the water seems as clean as on the first day. The setup was straightforward, and so far, the sensor hasn't missed a beat.

Innovative Product with Minor Flaws

An innovative product for sure, but not without its issues. The glossy surface requirement limits placement options and USB plug-in means it has to be near a power source. Nonetheless, the infrared sensor works well, and it's been entertaining to watch my pets interact with it.

Efficient and Hygienic

I'm a bit of a tech geek, and this gadget impressed me. The infrared motion sensor is accurate and efficient. My cat doesn't need encouragement to stay hydrated anymore. It feels good knowing he's getting filtered water without constant power usage. Plus, it was an easy install with the water dispenser we already had.

Decent Sensor with Room for Improvement

Functionality-wise, the product does what it's supposed to. The sensor range is great. However, the material quality feels a bit underwhelming for the price point. Regardless, it does make life easier and encourages my pets to drink regularly. Hopefully, it stands the test of time.

Convenient and Clean

Was skeptical at first, but the sensor tech is quite responsive and reliable. Within a 3-meter range, our cat activates the water flow just fine. The automatic filtration every six hours keeps me at ease knowing she's getting clean water. The only downside is that setting it up on the water dispenser was a bit fiddly. Overall, solid purchase.