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Interactive Cat Hanging Toy

Interactive Cat Hanging Toy

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• Interactive Cat Hanging Toy
• Features a stretchable cat slinky
• Constructed with high-quality materials including flannelette, polyester hairball, PVC, and a spring hook

• Unstretched Length: 70cm
• Stretched Length: 180cm
• Materials: Flannelette, Polyester hair ball, PVC, Spring hook

• The Interactive Cat Hanging Toy comes with a playful cat slinky that adds to the engagement factor.
• The toy measures 70cm when in a relaxed state and can be stretched up to 180cm, adding more fun during interactive play sessions.
• The durable, soft flannelette adds a comfortable feel while the polyester hairball creates a target for your cat to get hold of.
• It also comes with a reliable PVC-and-spring hook setup for easy hanging.

• Provides hours of interactive play and entertainment for your cat
• Stretchable, increasing the range of play
• Made from high quality and durable materials, ensuring longer usage and less worry about replacement
• Easy to set up and store

NOTE: Make sure to observe your pet during the first few play interactions to ensure they interact safely with the toy. Avoid hanging it next to items that can be easily knocked over. Lastly, although the toy is designed for durability, it’s important to replace the toy if it shows signs of severe wear and tear to avoid potential accidents or ingestion of small parts.

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Customer Reviews

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A Good Distraction for Active Cats

Both my young cats have taken to the hanging toy like ducks to water. The height adjustment is a great feature, and it's robust enough to withstand their combined attacks! It also promotes a good amount of movement that keeps them from zooming around the house!

Brilliant Toy with Minor Flaws

Felix and Gizmo have been having a blast with the Interactive Cat Hanging Toy! The stretchiness is a massive hit and it's very stimulating for them. My only gripe is that the hairball is a bit too enticing ??they managed to pull it off. But a quick fix and it's as good as new!

Epic Fun, Lasting Quality!

I was looking for something to keep my fur babies entertained and active. This hanging toy is the real deal. The quality is top-notch, and it was incredibly easy to set up. It?s been weeks, and it still looks as good as new, even after daily play. Highly recommend!

Loved at First, Interest Faded

This toy was an instant hit with Sam, my Siamese cat. He leapt and played until he wore himself out daily for the first weeks. However, his interest has since tapered off. The toy is durable and well made, but perhaps not challenging enough to keep him engaged long-term.

Entertaining but Needs Supervision

This cat toy is a good idea in theory. My cat was initially curious and had fun with the stretchy aspects of the toy. However, once she managed to detach the hook from where I'd placed it, it became a safety concern. Ensure you've got a secure spot to use it and always supervise your pets with this toy. It?s a three-star for me because of the setup difficulties.